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The Staff Senate
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JULY 10, 2008

Announcement: Todd Bartholomew, President introduced and welcomed Sherrie Senkfor, the new Human Resources Director before the Staff Senate meeting. Everyone introduced themselves with a brief discussion as part of the welcome. Todd invited Sherrie Senkfor to be a part of each regular meeting or a representative from the H.R.

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order on July 10, 2008, at 9:05 in the International Room at Morris University Center by Todd Bartholomew, President.

Present: Bartholomew, Downey, Dusenbery, Hamil, Harris, Herbeck, Hicks, Lotz, Robinson, Schoenborn, Stunkel, Candela - Alton Representative
Excused: Erb, Kremer, Loring, Pulley
Sherrie Senkfor-Human Resources Director, Danita Mumphard

The University Governance secretary read a Thank You card from Chelsie Lesicko regarding her Summer Staff Senate Scholarship.

I. Approval of Minutes: Corrections were made to the minutes. A motion was made by Melanie Schoenborn to accept the minutes as corrected. It was seconded by Mike Hamil. The motion carried.

II. Treasurer: Jesse Harris reported that he has not received a new statement from Foundations since the May 31, 2008 statement Treasurer's report. Balance at that time was $33,875.97.
On June 6, the last deposit from this year's Staff Senate BBQ was made in the amount of $2286.00. A disbursement from the account to Dining Services has been sent to Foundations. Interest income will be on the next statement.
Jesse reported updates to the Staff Senate Scholarship Awardees' list to be added to the Web Site, and a list of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Scholarship will go on the Web Site, too.
It was discussed to add to the heading of the Scholarship Awardees' list something such as: Amounts given for Scholarships are determined by a combination of factors including the amount of dollars donated to the Staff Senate Scholarship and through its fundraising events, the SS BBQ and the Ice Cream Cabaret and the number of applicants for each Scholarship.

III. Old Business:
SUAA: Mike Hamil reported that the application was available on the SUAA Web Site.

Goals Committee: These are the committee members; Brian Lotz, Chair, Kyle Stunkel, Greg Herbeck, Jesse Harris, Linda Wense and Joe Loring.

Newsletter: Mike Pulley Hamil will put Todd's Tidbit / letter in the newsletter. The deadline for publishing is mid-August.

d. Other Old Business: Regarding the Rally at Springfield, Melanie asked if anyone knew how it went. Todd reported that there was a large crowd of 5 city blocks of people. Jesse discussed the post card campaign regarding Capital plan and other issues. Jesse also, expressed his concern of action toward the brown bag lunch with a SS Social Security representative.

1). Ice Cream Cabaret: University Governance secretary is to send an email to SIUE community about the upcoming Ice Cream Cabaret. Kyle reported that the wrong room was reserved for the Cabaret. The Conference Center in the Morris University Center is now reserved for the Ice Cream Cabaret on September 5, 2008 from 11:30 am-1:00 pm.

2). New Web Site: The new web site going live was discussed along with getting the software such as Adobe Acrobat to convert a document into a PDF. This would allow form documents and pictures to be put on the Web Site so the format of the documents remains the same when imported.

3). Announcement: needs to be sent inviting the SIUE community to log onto our "up to date" version of the USS Web Site.

Mike Pulley Hamil made a motion to approve the new web site material going live. A second was made by Bill Dusenbery. The motion carried.

4).Changes to Web Site: can be made by sending to the University Governance secretary and then via email to the executive committee, they will be approved for publishing on the Site.

IV. New Business:

a. Elections

University Staff Senate Members - Terms beginning September 1, 2008
Two members from the Negotiated and Prevailing Classification;
Gail Erb
Vicki Kremer

Staff Senate Panel Members - Terms beginning September 1, 2008
Three members from the Professional Staff classification;
Vacancies - 2 Represented
Cindy Gorsage - 1 Non-Represented
Two members from the Civil Service Open Range classification;
Vacancies - 2
One member from Negotiated and Prevailing classification
Gail Erb

Bill Dusenbery made a motion to accept petitioners by acclamation to the Staff Senate and panels. A second was made by Mike Hamil. The motion was carried.

Because of the remaining vacancies, elections will take place with nominations at the August meeting.

V. Reports:

a. Ex-Officio Reports
1. Personnel - no report
2. SURS - no report
3. SUCSAC - no report

b. Panel Reports
1. Negotiated and Prevailing
- Todd reported building service workers reported settling contract.
2. Open Range - no report
3. Professional Staff - no report

c. Satellite Campus Reports
1. Alton
2. E. St. Louis
- Bill Dusenbery reported summer programs, everything going well.

d. UPBC - no report. The minutes are posted on

e. Scholarship committee - Fall 2008 - Melanie reported that if the packets are not complete by the deadline date, they will not be accepted. Jesse Harris made it aware that if the students are not worthy of the scholarship, the monies will return to file.

f. Policy Review Committee - no report

g. Fundraising Committee - Ice Cream Cabaret (Fall Welcome) the Conference Center is booked.

A motion was made by Bill Dusenbery to have Melanie make the tickets for the Ice Cream Cabaret. Kyle Stunkel seconded. The motion carried.

h. Other Reports - no reports

VI. Adjournment: Bill Dusenbery motioned to adjourn. It was seconded by Kyle Stunkel. The meeting adjourned at 10:55 am.

Vicki Kruse
Office Support Assistant
University Governance

Next meeting: August 7, 2008, 9:00 am, Morris University Center, International Room.

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