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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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April 1, 2010

Alumni Room

Alton Dental School Campus

Approved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order on April 1, 2010 at 9:11 a.m. in the Alumni Room of the Alton Dental School Campus by Brian W. Lotz.

Present: Bartholomew, Erb, Dusenbery, Harris, Herbeck, Lotz, Miller, Pulley, Robinson, Schoenborn, Candela, Turley, Gaffney, Mumphard, Nash,

Excused: Downey, Gorsage, Fetters, Hamil, Hicks, Stunkel


Approval of March 4 Minutes: A typo was corrected. Melanie Schoenborn made a motion to accept the minutes as amended. It was seconded by Jesse B. Harris, Jr. The minutes were approved as amended.

Old Business

Melanie Schoenborn gave a report from the document regarding furloughs from the Civil Service. There was a discussion.

New Business

1. Michael Pulley brought it to the Senate's attention that the Treasurer was not listed in Article VI, Section I of the By-Laws as part of the Executive Committee. There was discussion and it was decided to bring forward at next meeting as a motion to amend the By-Laws to add the Treasurer to the Executive Committee.

2. Melanie made a motion that the University Staff Senate Governance Secretary will request that the date, time and place information about the 2010 Ice Cream Cabaret be submitted to the Cougar Welcome Planning Committee to be included in the 2010-2011 Student Planner. It was seconded by William Dusenbery. There was discussion. Gail Erb requested a friendly amendment to leave "Governance" out of the motion. It was agreed by Melanie Schoenborn, who made the motion. (…motion that the University Staff Senate Secretary will request that the date, time and place information about the 2010 Ice Cream Cabaret be submitted to the Cougar Welcome Planning committee to be included in the 2010-2011 Student Planner.) The amended motion passed.

3. Melanie Schoenborn brought up the idea of a Sick Leave Vacation Bank. After a discussion, it was decided to take this to Executive Committee and invite Sherrie Senkfor for a discussion.

Other New Business:

1. Student prices for BBQ?

2. Is it set up for there an online rejection/acceptance letter in the Admissions?

3. Is there involvement in the Senate without approval of supervisor? Brian Lotz will talk to the Chancellor about encouraging involvement in the Senate.

Brian W. Lotz called a ten minute break at 10:10 a.m.

At 10:24 a.m. the meeting was called back to order by Brian W. Lotz.


Ex-Officio Reports

Personnel: No report.

SURS: Melanie handed out a sheet regarding the SURS interest rate changes for the fiscal year 2010-2011. Greg Herbeck reminded everyone that they can join SUAA. There was a discussion. Todd Bartholomew handed out a flyer about the Rally in Springfield. Brian will send an email to the Chancellor regarding employees going to the Rally.


Panel Reports

Negotiated and Prevailing: No report.

Open Range: Catherine Miller reported about getting the listserv up and going and to make sure it would be in the newsletter.

Professional Staff: Jesse B. Harris, Jr. requested that he would like information to be forwarded to him about furlough updates so that he can get the information to his constituency.

Satellite Campus Reports

Alton: No report.

E. St. Louis: William Dusenbery reported that the Head Start program in Cahokia had to close down the building and is looking for a new place for September.

UPBC: Alan Gaffney Brian Lotz reported that the Operating papers are being revised.

Newsletter: Two requests were made; change one of the BBQ pictures and add some information about the upcoming annual Staff Senate elections.

Policy Review Committee: No report but Brian will meet with Greg Herbeck and the committee to finish up operating papers.

Scholarship Committee: Melanie Schoenborn submitted a revised Scholarship Handbook to be considered the first reading.

Fundraising Committee: Melanie Schoenborn reported that Jim McDermott is getting door prizes from Pepsi for the BBQ and will get the Senate help regarding serving sizes. The Governance Secretary will inform Samantha Hackbart that the Staff Senate will be there at 10:00 a.m. to set up. Melanie requested that Senators bring 1 dessert that serves 10-12 people. Joe Loring is bringing his vegetable chili with extra servings. Gail requested that everyone cut their desserts before bringing them.

Brian reported that the MUC will donate 100 of each size of the clamshells.

The Governance will need to contact Photo Services, Bill Brinson to be at the BBQ.

Jim McDermott wants to have a few people from the MUC and himself to be included on a BBQ committee for next year to help defray costs and make more money for the Scholarship Fund.

Goals Committee: No report.

Other Reports: Jesse B. Harris, Jr. reported that Paul Pits is moving the request for striping for disability parking behind the Success Center probably next meeting.

The Executive Board will meet afterwards. Brian will be gone on vacation.

Adjournment: William Dusenbery made a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Approved as amended May 6, 2010 by the University Staff Senate

Vicki Kruse/University Governance

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