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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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USS Constitution





Section 1.        The name of this organization will be the University Staff Senate, hereafter referred to as Staff Senate.



Section 1.        To advise and assist the Chancellor of the University in the solution of issues and the formulation of policies.

Section 2.        To advise and assist the Director of Human Resources in developing and initiating more effective personnel policies, procedures, and programs.

Section 3.        To participate in the University governance system.

Section 4.        To encourage all Civil Service and Administrative Staff employees to consult with members of the Staff Senate concerning issues, policies, and possible recommendations for appropriate Staff Senate action.


Membership Qualifications

Section 1.        The Staff Senate will be composed of sixteen (16) voting members with representation based on a proportionate ratio of total employees from the following groups:

  • Civil Service - Open Range/Confidential, Managerial and Supervisory Exclusions
  • Negotiated and Prevailing
  • Administrative Staff - Represented
  • Administrative Staff - Non-Represented

Section 2.        Permanent full-time Administrative Staff employees, whose appointment is fully represented on an administrative staff continuing or term contract, or full-time Civil Service employees, shall be eligible for election to membership on the Staff Senate provided they have a minimum of two years of consecutive employment with the University.



Section 1.        The officers of the Staff Senate will be: President, Vice President (President-Elect), Past President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Section 2.        The Executive Committee will consist of the President of the Staff Senate, Vice President (President-Elect), Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair (ex-officio), and the Chairpersons of each Panel, i.e., Administrative Staff, Civil Service Open Range, Negotiated and Prevailing Civil Service, and the Staff Senate representatives to the University Planning and Budget Council (ex-officio).

Section 3.        Officers of the Staff Senate will be elected by the members of the Staff Senate from among its membership, except the Past- President.



Section 1.        The Staff Senate will meet monthly.

Section 2.        Special meetings may be called into session by the President, or in the President's absence, by the Vice President (President Elect), or in the absence of both, by a representative from the Executive Committee as delegated by the President.



Section 1.        Any member of the Staff Senate may propose an amendment to the Constitution of the Staff Senate.

Section 2.        The proposed amendment will be submitted to the Vice President (President Elect) in writing no later than ten working days preceding the regular meeting of the Staff Senate.

Section 3.        The President will put the item on the agenda for the next regular meeting under New Business for the first reading and discussion.

Section 4.        The proposed amendments will be voted upon by secret ballot at the regular meeting of the following month and will be adopted if approved by 3/4 (12) of voting members of the Staff Senate and the University Chancellor. Absentee ballots may be obtained from and must be submitted to the Secretary of the Staff Senate prior to the vote.

Section 5.        Amendments will be submitted to the Chancellor of the University for approval.

Amended by the Staff Senate - October, 2002 (Art. II Sect. 2 name change, sect. 4 title change and requested correction; Art. III all title corrections for Professional changed to Administrative Staff; Art. VI Sect. 5 added phrase for approval)

Approved by the Chancellor - May 2003
Approved by the Chancellor - October 2014
Approved by the Interim Chancellor - August 17, 2015

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