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SIUE Faculty Senate Welfare Council
Meeting, Nov. 15, 2007

Meeting convened: 2:30 p.m.

Present: Allison Fahsl, Ed Hershberger, Jon Pettibone, Laurie Puchner, Catherine Seltzer, Allison Thomason, Lisa Welch

1. Announcements:
a. Teacher Scholar Model- After faculty discuss the model at the open meetings, it will go to the Executive Committee and then to the Welfare Council.

b. Absences- If you are unable to attend a meeting, please arrange for an alternate so a quorum can be retained.

2. Minutes from Nov. 1st meeting were approved with revisions. (motion by Lisa Welch, second by Ed Hershberger)

3. Action Items:

a. Gender Equity Report- The report was approved with the following revisions (motion by Lisa Welch and second by Allison Thomason):

1. 1st sentence of second paragraph should have a space after it.

2. 1st paragraph- replace 4th sentence with the last sentence of same paragraph.

3. Page 3, first sentence- end sentence after "violation" and add an additional sentence that reads "If violations are found, proper corrections should be made".

4. Change title to "Report on Methodology for Conducting Gender Equity Studies at SIUE".

5. Remove last sentence of report mentioning date approved but keep list of members.

b. Revisions to Sabbatical Leave Policy- The policy was approved with the following revisions (motion by Allison Thomason and second by Catherine Seltzer):

1. Page 2, middle of page- change "Criteria for Approval of Sabbatical Requests" to "Criteria for Evaluation of Sabbatical Requests".
2. Change document so second person is used consistently throughout.
3. Last page, number 3 of application guidelines- after the word "sabbatical" add "and justify the location".
4. Last page, section C1- remove the word "below".
5. Last page, section D- Add period at end of sentence.
6. Page 3- remove number 6.

4. Standing Committee Reports:

a. Faculty Status Committee:

1. Ombuds opening was announced and the deadline to apply is December 15th.
There are currently no applicants- Allison will send a reminder. After deadline, applications will be reviewed and interviews conducted. All Welfare Council members are welcome to attend and make recommendations.

b. Family Friendly Policy Task Force- No new business to report.

c. Grievance Procedures Revisions Group- A draft of the policy is close to completion.

d. Faculty Benefits and Facilities Committee:

1. Faculty Handbook- There are issues leftover from previous charge regarding same sex partners and retired faculty. They will be working on these later.

2. Weather Policy- Will be reviewed.

3. Retired and Emeritus Faculty- Reviewing issues regarding which benefits and rights apply to emeritus faculty only and which apply to retired faculty.

5. Old Business: No old business.

6. New Business: No new business.

7. Other Business: None

Meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

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