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Welfare Council Meeting
Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meeting convened at 2:30 PM.

Present: Allison Fahsl, Edmund Hershberger, Jon Pettibone, Laurie Puchner, Catherine Seltzer, Allison Thomason, and Lisa Welch.

1. Announcements: Thomason announced that members of the Task Force on Family Friendly Policies (including Thomason and Seltzer) would be presenting the most updated draft of the Task Force's report at the CAS Colloquium on April 9 at AM, room TBA.

2. Consideration of the February 21 Minutes: Approved with amendments

3. Action Items

A. Sabbatical Leave Policy
The policy was discussed at the previous Senate meeting, where the primary issue raised was regarding deferment possibilities for chairs. The Provost's office suggested the following language:"Deferments should be limited to no more than twelve months unless special conditions exist as agreed to by the Chair, Dean, and Provost. If sabbaticals are taken after more than a year's deferment, updated materials may need to be provided. Substantial changes may be subject to review."The Welfare Council proposed language that included the faculty member in the negotiation. The motion was made by Thomason, seconded by Hershberger, and passed unanimously.

B. Grievance Policy
Puchner discussed proposed changes to the Grievance Policy that reflect the concerns and suggestions expressed in the most recent Senate meeting. (These changes are reflected on Draft 3-20-2008.) The primary remaining concern was that the Provost would still have jurisdiction even if it were a member of his or her office that was being grieved, a position that the administration indicted it would be unwilling to cede. After some discussion, the Welfare Council determined that it would not approve the Policy as it stood but instead would bring it to the Senate (as Old or Other Business, wherever appropriate) for discussion, and, possibly, a vote. The motion to do so was made by Thomason, seconded by Welch, and passed unanimously.

C. Standing Committee Reports

1. Faculty Status Committee: Thomason stated that the Provost had approved the Ombuds selection.

2. Faculty Benefits and Facilities: Welch distributed copies of the Inclement Weather Policy. After discussion, the WC determined that the policy seems reasonable as it leaves room for individual discretion and that no action was required.

D. Old Business:Fahsl reported on the progress of the Faculty Ombuds Evaluation. The survey is prepared and waiting for approval from Institutional Research.

E. New Business:Welch stated that the Welfare Council should play a role in ensuring that equity raises actually meet the target of 50% when fiscally feasible (rather than the current mark of 90% of 50%). She suggested we form a task force to 1) perform an annual equity report and 2) encourage the administration to continue to look for funding.

Puchner said that she will take these suggestions to the Executive Committee to discuss options.

Adjourned at 4:20.

Email update: Puchner emailed the Welfare Council to indicate that the Provost's office would no longer seek jurisdiction in grievances against members of its office. Therefore, the draft of the Grievance Policy that will now go to the Senate is 3-27-2008.

Respectfully submitted,

C. Seltzer

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