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The Faculty Senate
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SIUE Faculty Senate Welfare Council
Meeting, January 17, 2008

Meeting convened: 2:30pm

Present: Allison Fahsl, Edmund Hershberger, Laurie Puchner, Catherine Seltzer, Lisa Welch, Tian Yu

1. Announcements: None

2. Consideration of November 15 Minutes: approved with amendments

3. Standing Committee Reports

a. Faculty Status Committee - Laurie Puchner (substituting for Allison Thomason)

i. Ombuds Search: On February 8 from 2:30 to 4:30 WC will interview two candidates and deliberate. Laurie distributed candidate applications.

ii. Revisions to Faculty Grievance Policy

1. Section III-N: Motion (Edmund Hershberger) to amend section to read: "Hearing Panel: The three person panel selected to hear testimony and to make findings of fact, conclusions and recommendations. The Hearing Panel shall have 2 members selected from the FGC and 1 member selected from the Faculty Panel."

a. Motion seconded (Allison Fahsl).

b. Motion Passed.

2. Section II: Laurie Puchner to clarify with ??? (re: section II) if complaints are not grievable under this policy if the complaint is against the Chancellor, or anyone within the Chancellor's office.

3. Section III-H: remove "including directors."

4. Section VI-E: add three day limit for faculty selected for a hearing panel to petition for excuse.

5. Section V-B.1: Laurie Puchner to determine appropriate size of the FGC; remove "Senate Welface Council."

6. Section VII-D: edit "no sooner than ten days and not more than 20 days" to read "between ten and twenty days."

7. Section VII-G.2: suggest revisions to reflect the expectation of civility and professionalism at all times during the hearing.

8. Section VII-G.3: Laurie Puchner to investigate definition of "under oath."

9. Laurie Puchner to distribute revised policy to WC for review.

b. Faculty Benefits and Facilities Committee - Lisa Welch

i. Lisa Welch will distribute the revised Emeritus Faculty Policy to FBFC

ii. FBFC to address:

1. Inclement Weather Policy

2. Faculty Handbook

4. Old Business: Revisions to Sabbatical Guidelines

a. Laurie Puchner to make minor revisions

5. New Business: Civility on Listserv

a. Draft of SIUE Faculty/Staff Listserv Code of Conduct was distributed

i. ¶: remove.

ii. ¶ 3: remove "surveys."

iii. ¶ 4: move to beginning of document as an introductory statement.

iv. ¶ 10: edited to clarify that emails of a personal nature should not be forwarded to the list, and that listserv emails not be forwarded to persons who are not list members without the authors' permission.

v. ¶2: edit to specify that it is "personal business" that is prohibited.

vi. ¶7: remove.

b. Committee approves to send document as revised above to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.

6. Other Business: None

7. Motion (Allison Fahsl) to adjourn approved, 4:15 PM

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