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NOVEMBER 5, 2009




The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 2:30 p.m. on November 5, 2009 in Morris University Center Mississippi Illinois Room by Allison Fahsl, President.

Present: Agustin, Alexander, Bharati, Celik, Chleboun, Cho alt. for J. Zhou, Fahsl, Foster, Fujinoki, Gillespie, Hershberger, Karanovich, Kelly, Kerber, Ketchum for Comrie, Kolling, Latorre, Maurer, McCracken, Miner, Nwacha, O'Brien, Pearson, Pettibone, Puchner, Schmidt, Seltzer, Seyer, Shaul, Shaw, Siganga, Smith, Solares, Staples, Taylor, Thornton, Timpe, Chin-Chuan Wei for Wiediger, Willmott, Wrobbel, Yager, Yancey, T Yu, W Yu, B. Zhou

Excused: Navin, Carstens-Wickham, Hinz, Weyhaupt

Absent: Heil for Maatita, Kapatamoyo, Kirk,

Guests: Jennifer Rehg

Announcements: Allison Fahsl announced the Fall Retreat with the Provost went well and will probably be done on an annual basis. Allison reminded the Faculty Senate about the Chancellor's reception tonight.

Consideration of Minutes: October 1, 2009 minutes were approved as written.

Action Items:

A. Proposed Campus Violence Prevention Plan

E. Duff Wrobbel made a motion to accept the proposed Campus Violence Plan. Valerie Yancey seconded the motion. The Campus Violence Prevention Plan was approved.

B. OMBUDS request for reappointment of Cindy Schmidt for a three year term was presented by Edmund Hershberger. All were in agreement.

UPBC: There was no report.

IBHE Faculty Advisory Council: Martha Latorre reported that the MAP funding was reinstated for the Spring. There were four items up for attention: 1. Positive Time reporting will not be an issue at this time. 2. The State's inability to pay bills and staffing at IBHE is affected. Academic Affairs who is responsible for approving any changes in programs, etc. has one person at this time, a second person will start in December. 3. Public Agenda working on P12 Longitudinal Policy on federal level regarding an ID number will follow students all the way from pre-school through college for research purposes.

BIC: Jennifer Rehg reported that the BRIDGE Implementation Committee has met once. The draft plan has been prepared and should take two years to implement. Ideally, the plan will begin next fall through 2012.

1. Skills and breadth will take two years to phase in. Some will be grandfathered as in the past. The intent is to have a draft proposal to the Faculty Executive Committee next month and vote in the spring.

2. IRB proposal

3. December meeting will have attribution of new Breadth designations to existing General Education courses. They will be organized differently. A proposal for a fast tracking of the Form 90s may be submitted to the new Director of General Education

4. Proposal will be posted on Blackboard.

FDC: Jonathan Pettibone reported in Adam Weyhaupt's absence. The committee is looking at the EUE program and the definition of Faculty Development.

Allison reported that the discussion at the retreat included some ideas of a Faculty Development Center.

Graduate Council: Michael Shaw reported that the SAGE (Strategic Advancement of Graduate Education) reports were approved for the School of Nursing and the School of Engineering. A plan has to be in place by January 4 for work that ERP is doing regarding ethical standards and grants. The Biosafety Policy has been updated. The next Graduate Council meeting is November 6.

Curriculum Council: Tom Foster reported that the Curriculum Council is working on the future of the Form 89 and the experimental course vs. Special Topics. A question was asked about putting all the syllabi in a central location electronically for students to access.

Rules and Procedures Council: Gerald O'Brien reported that two weeks the subcommittee assignments were given their assignments.

Welfare Council: Edmund Hershberger reported the council is waiting for approvals from the Chancellor on the Grievance Committee Operating Papers and the Salary Equity Committee Operating Papers and the Family Friendly policies and definition of family. The Council is looking into grade sensitivity.

Past President: E. Duff Wrobbel reported that the project is moving along and that Mina is finished interviewing administrators and current and past Executive Committee members. Mina will interview one more group of people; the staff linking faculty senate and administration. Surveys were distributed to non-senate faculty and will soon be calculated. The goal would be to proceed with the results for a plan to match up the structures of the Provost Office and the Faculty Senate.

President Elect: Jonathan Pettibone reported that a charge for SETC (Student Evaluation of Teachers Committee) came out of the Curriculum Council. The plan is that the committee will be done with their work regarding a Student Evaluation of Teachers by December so that the results can be bring to the Faculty Senate for a Deadline of Spring 2010.

New Business: There was no new business.

Unfinished Business: There was no unfinished business.

Other Business: There was no other business.

Adjournment: Michael Shaw motioned to adjourn the meeting. E. Duff Wrobbel seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Approved as written December 3, 2009

Vicki Kruse/University Governance

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