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The Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate
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SEPTEMBER 3, 2009 - 2:30 P.M.



The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 2:32 p.m. on September 3, 2009 in the Morris University Center Mississippi-Illinois room by Allison Fahsl, President

Present: Agustin, Alexander, Bharati, Lori Campbell for Maatita, Celik, Chleboun, Cho, Comrie, Fahsl, Foster, Fujinoki, Hershberger, Elza Ibroscheva for Kapatamoyo, Karanovich, Kelly, Kerber, Kolling, Latorre, Love, Maurer, McCracken, Fowler, Miner, Navin, Nwacha, O'Brien, Pearson, Pettibone, Puchner, Schmidt, Schoenecker, Seltzer, Seyer, Kerry Shaul for Diane Sol for Schmitz, Shaw, Siganga, Staples, Taylor, Thornton, Timpe, Weyhaupt, Willmott, Wrobbel, Yager, Yancey, T. Yu, Zhou

Excused: Carstens-Wickham, Kirk, Solares, Wiediger

Absent: Gillespie, Hinz, Smith, W. Yu

Announcement: The Provost & Vice Chancellor Paul W. Ferguson welcomed the faculty back to the fall semester. Sue Thomas answered some questions regarding H1N1 and the precautions SIUE is taking.

Introductions: After the Provost finished talking to the Senate, the Senators introduced themselves with their name, department and committee council affiliation.

Consideration of Minutes: May 7, 2009 - Corrections were made to the minutes. Mary Sue Love made a motion to approve the minutes as amended. Duff Wrobbel seconded. The minutes were approved as amended.

Reports from Standing Committees

UPBC - John Navin introduced the Chair Designate Tim Schoenecker to become the UPBC Chair in the fall. John gave a power point PowerPoint presentation of the UPBC and explained the budget. The power point PowerPoint will be posted to Blackboard. Faculty members on the UPBC are: Larry LaFond - English, Karen Kelly - Nursing, Susan Breck - Education, Tim Schoenecker -- Business, Gillian Acheson - Geography, Steve Hanson - Dean of Graduate School, E. Duff Wrobbel - Past President of Faculty Senate, Vaughn Vandegrift - Chancellor

IBHE Faculty Advisory Council - Martha Latorre had no report, and the first meeting is in two weeks.

Technology Advisory Council - Hiroshi Fujinki Fujinoki submitted a report and answered questions about restructuring of ITS and internal email. The report is filed with the minutes.

Reports from Council Chairs

Graduate Council - Michael Shaw gave an overview of the Graduate Council.

Curriculum Council - Tom Foster reviewed the responsibilities in the area of Curriculum Council: undergraduate curriculum, General Education Committee. BRIDGE when finalized will be under the care of Curriculum Council, the Director of Assessment position will be a part time position working under Vicki Scott's new position and Committee on Assessment (COA). The BRIDGE Implementation when finalized will be under the care of Curriculum Council. The Director of Assessment position will be a part time position working under Vicki Scott's new position and Committee on Assessment (COA).

Faculty Development Council - Adam Weyhaupt reported two major functions of the Faculty Development Council. 1. Oversees and guides Faculty Development issues and 2. Supports and provides guidance for the Excellence in Undergraduate Education grants and process. Beginning this semester , the Faculty Development Council will be working with Vicki Scott, Assistant Provost in for, Academic Innovation and Effectiveness. The remaining balance of EUE may be released for use soon. The EUE criteria will be examined, and the survey data will be reported to the Senate next month.

Rules and Procedures Council - Gerald O'Brien reported that the Rules and Procedures Council coordinates the membership of the Faculty Senate representation, and coordinates the evaluation of the Provost and Chancellor on Blackboard, and will review the by-laws this year.

Welfare Council - Edmund Hershberger gave an overview of the two Welfare Council sub committees. The Council will be finalizing the definition of family, the Family Friendly policies, and facilitating the elections for the new Faculty Grievance Committee and the new Faculty Salary Equity Committee. Also, the Welfare Council manages the OMBUDS service.

Past President - E. Duff Wrobbel as Past President represents the Faculty Senate on the UPBC and the Enrollment Management Council. He is also working on the project of improving the Faculty Senate's governance structures with help of a graduate assistant.

President Elect - Jon Pettibone will report back to the Senate as to the project he will endeavor. Jon represents the Faculty Senate on the University Quality Council.

New Business - Allison reported that Vicki Scott charged the Faculty Senate to look into soon forming a committee to look at Student evaluations.

Unfinished Business

NFS Implementation Committee will report to the Senate this fall.

Faculty Senate has appointed Jennifer Rehg as the new liaison between BIC and the Faculty Senate; she succeeds Kay Covington.

Other Business

Clocks - Allison reported that the clocks were removed over the summer under the direction of Kenn Neher after meeting with the Deans. The administration is looking into ways of fixing the situation as soon as possible.

Annual Reception: the Chancellor asked Allison to give everyone a heads up for the Chancellor's annual reception scheduled for Thursday, November 5, after the Faculty Senate meeting at from 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Invitations will be sent through campus mail

Adjournment: E. Duff Wrobbel made a motion to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 3:49 p.m.

Approved as amended by the Faculty Senate on October 1, 2009
Vicki Kruse
University Governance

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