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MARCH 5, 2009 - 2:30 PM



The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 2:33 p.m. on March 5, 2009 in the Morris University Center Hickory Hackberry Rooms by Duff Wrobbel, President.

Present: Joanne Cattafesta for Alexander, Bharati, Bolander, Breck, Chleboun, Comrie, Covington, Fahsl, Foster, Gillespie, Hale, Hershberger, Kelly, Kerber, Latorre, McAndrews, McCracken, Navin, Nwacha, O'Brien, Pearson, Pietroburgo, Schmidt, Schmitz, Seltzer, Smith, James Wilfong for Sol, Solares, Thomeczek, Thornton, Timpe, Welch, Wiediger, Wrobbel, Nathalie Williams for Yancey, T. Yu, W. Yu, B. Zhou, J. Zhou

Excused: Agustin, Carstens-Wickham, Fujinoki, Harward, Hinz, Kaburakis,

Love, Siganga, Sol, Watson, Weyhaupt, Yancey

Absent: Celik, Dixon, McCommas, Milsk-Fowler, Staples, Willmott,

Guests: Tiffany Eickhoff, Mass Communications student.

The Faculty Senate welcomed Doug Conley, Director of Biological Sciences, Laura Perkins, Professor from Speech Communications and Vice Chancellor Kenn Neher to present the concept of Sustainability at SIUe. A draft of an "environment week" event set for April 18-24, 2009 is filed with the minutes.

Consideration of Minutes: Corrections were made to the February 5 minutes. Susan Wiediger made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected and Stephanie McAndrews seconded. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Announcements: Tom Foster announced and distributed a list of approved Form 90s.

Action Item: ICAC revision in the Principles Governing Intercollegiate Athletics - 3F2 presented by Anne Powell, Chair.

The Faculty Senate asked the ICAC to review its Principles Governing Intercollegiate Athletics at a prior senate meeting, and after reviewing them, the committee had a few minor changes. A copy of the principles and the revisions are filed with the minutes.

Steve Kerber asked Anne Powell and Kay Covington a question pertaining to a document about Division I athletics. The ICAC will look into it and bring back any information to the Faculty Senate.

Stephanie McAndrews made a motion to accept the revisions made to the Principles Governing Intercollegiate Athletics. It was seconded by Steve Kerber. The motion passed.

Reports from Standing Committees:

UPBC: no report.

IBHE: Martha Latorre gave a report of the February meeting which was at Northwestern University. The main topic was the Economic Stimulus Package. 82% will be used to restore the budgets as they were in 08/09. $17 million will go into Pell Grants. Research funds were increased where money has to be used in two years. Martha explained a problem in the Dual Credits program at high schools through mostly community colleges. A recommendation is being made that the schools have accountability to make it work better.

TAC: no report.

Reports from Council Chairs

Curriculum Council - Tom Foster reported the list of approved 90A, B and Cs and 94s. The report is filed with the minutes. Math and Biology Program reviews are complete and scored well to continue. Tom reported the function of the Form 90s committee led by Venessa Brown from the Provost Office.

Graduate Council: Stephanie McAndrews reported the Provost and Vice Chancellor's visit to their meeting reaped positive comments about the Graduate programs. They had discussion about the programs. The Graduate Dean's evaluation is coming up on Blackboard soon, March 16-March 27.

Faculty Development Council: Susan Wiediger reported in George's absence. EUE evaluations should be done in early April. The Council is still evaluating the survey. There was 20% submission and 18% data collected on the survey.

Rules & Procedures: The Senate election notices went out. Steve Kerber had a question about mergers in departments.

Welfare Council: Lisa Welch reported that two documents are being reviewed in Welfare Council at present. The Faculty Salary Equity Committee Operating Papers and some newly suggested and revised Plagiarism policy. Steve Hansen and some of the committee are invited to the next Welfare Council meeting to answer questions.

Past President: Kay Covington reported that the BRIDGE Implementation Committee is meeting tomorrow, March 6. In a month or two they would like to have a projected date for initiation of the Lincoln Plan.

President Elect: Allison Fahsl reported that the Freshman Seminar Implementation Committee met and are forwarding a few recommendations to the BRIDGE Implementation Committee.

New Business:

Steve Kerber reported that the Separation Task Force met throughout the year. Joel Hardman will bring a final report to the Faculty Senate in April.

Allison Fahsl proceeded with nominations in the absence of Mary Sue Love, Rules & Procedures Chair, regarding the new President Elect. Allison reported that the nominations committee would like to bring Jon Pettibone to the ballet. The floor was opened for any other nominations. There were none. Susan Breck made a motion to close the nominations and Stephanie seconded. The nominations closed. Jon Pettibone will be placed on the ball e ot.

Duff asked the senate about a topic for the All Faculty Meeting. Duff proposed Sustainability to be the topic. He asked for other thoughts or proposals. It was decided to proceed with Sustainability for the All Faculty Day topic.

Old Business: Lisa Welch presented a time line for a plan regarding the Teacher Scholar Model which was discussed at the Faculty Senate Executive meeting. The FSEC will continue working on it in March to summarize ideas. Responses need to be sent to Duff by March 17 and incorporated into a single document. Three ideas;

• 1. start over to make it a grassroots idea

• 2. Use it as a mission statement as in the shorter document

• 3. Change level of analysis from individual to department

March 30 the summary of ideas will be sent to senators for the April 2 Faculty Senate meeting. There was a discussion about the T-S model.

Other Business: Cancel the March 12 Faculty Senate Executive meeting as it falls during Spring Break.

Adjournment: Lisa Welch made a motion to adjourn at 3:45 pm.

Approved as amended April 2, 2009 by the Faculty Senate
Vicki Kruse/University Governance

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