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The Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate
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NOVEMBER 6, 2008


The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 2:35 p.m. on November 6, 2008 in Room 0107 in Founders Hall by Duff Wrobbel, President.

Present: Agustin, Alexander, Bolander, Carstens-Wickham, Comrie, Covington, Dixon, Duhigg, Fahsl, Foster, Fujinoki, Gillespie, Hale, Harward, Hershberger, Kelly, Kerber, Love, McAndrews, McCommas, McCracken, Navin, O'Brien, Pettibone, Pietroburgo, Puchner, Schmidt, Schmitz, Shaw, Siganga, Smith, Solares, Staples, Szabo, Theodore, Thomason, Thornton, Timpe, Vogrin, Watson, Welch, Weyhaupt, Wiediger, Willmott, Wrobbel, Yancey, T. Yu, W. Yu, B. Zhou, J. Zhou

Absent: Bharati, Celic, Milsk-Fowler, Pearson

Excused: Latorre

Guests: Provost Paul Ferguson, Associate Provost Sue Thomas, Dave Kauzlarich

Announcements: Duff introduced Provost Paul Ferguson and Associate Provost Sue Thomas to the Faculty Senate. Curriculum Chair Tom Foster announced the approved program changes.

Provost Paul Ferguson explained the process used to create the Teacher Scholar Philosophy requesting questions for discussion. There were questions and a discussion.

Lisa Welch made a motion for guest Professor Dave Kauzlarich, Chair of Soci ology and Criminal Justice Studies, to speak to the Senate regarding the Teacher Scholar Philosophy. Peter Theodore seconded. It was approved.

Dr. Kauzlarich then expressed specific concerns over different ways in which specific language in the document may be subsequently interpreted by various administrators and urged senators to exercise caution when moving forward with the document.

Consideration of Minutes: October 2, 2008 - Corrections were made to the minutes. Stephanie McAndrews made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Kay Covington seconded. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Action Item: Lisa Welch made a motion to populate the Faculty Senate Blackboard Course Shell with the Faculty as defined in the Faculty Handbook under Grievance Policy letter G:

Faculty: All full-time tenured, tenure track and all other non-represented faculty of the University who hold the rank of lecturer, instructor, assistant professor, associate professor or professor, including those persons who are employed as visiting instructors, clinical instructors, research professors, etc., in tenure granting units.

Peter Theodore seconded. There was a discussion. The motion was approved.

Reports from Standing Committees:

UPBC - John Navin reported that the RAMP process will begin tomorrow with the first presentation is Vice Chancellor Huntley, University Relations.

IBHE - Martha Latorre had no report

TAC - Hiroshi Fujinki's report is attached.

Reports from Council Chairs:

Curriculum Council - Tom Foster reported the following:

Approved General Education request: GBA489 - Study Abroad in Ciudad Juarez MX

Approved Form 91s - Art & Design BFA, CAS-07-135 & 155

Biol Sci BA, BS, CAS-08-21

Biol Sci BA, BS, CAS-08-75

Biol Sci BA, BS, CAS-08-76

Civil Eng. BS, ENR-08-06

English BS, CAS-07-161

Kinesiology BS, SOE-08-411

Kinesiology PETE

Kinesiology, Minor Coaching, SOE-06-208

Music, BM, CAS-08-90

PEAC African Studies, CAS-06-99

PEAC European, CAS-06-102

PEAC Latin America, CAS-06-101

PEAC Minor, CAS-06-100

Philosophy BA, CAS-07-143

Philosophy BS, CAS-07-142

Political Science BS, BA, CAS-08-61

Sociology BA, BS, CAS-08-87

Sociology BA, BS, CAS-08-94

Graduate Council: Stephanie McAndrews reported that the Grad Open House, Graduate School Fair and a Graduate Honors Day Luncheon went very well. She reported other business from the Programs Committee and Educational Research and Policies Committee.

Faculty Development Council: George Watson reported that the FDC is considering some alternatives for hosting a Faculty Symposium event in the spring. The Council is moving ahead on EUE and the faculty survey that will be posted to Blackboard.

Rules and Procedures Council: Mary Sue Love reported that the Council is moving ahead with tasks.

Welfare Council: Tian Yu gave an update on the operating papers for the proposed faculty grievance official committee in which they have approved the first draft. They are working on operating papers for the proposed Faculty Salary Committee and the Final Report of Task Force for Family Friendly Policy.

Past President: Kay Covington gave a brief report of the BIC meeting regarding the Breadth area and Health. The Charge is to bring forward a plan for implementation by the latter part of the Spring Semester.

President Elect: Allison Fahsl reported that the New Freshman Seminar Implementation Committee is having their first meeting next week. Allison gave a brief description of the University Quality Council in which she is a member. Allison reported on the development of a new on-line information system for transfer students called e-tracks.

New Business: Meeting in the Morris University Center next month. Everyone is to talk to their departments regarding what to do next with the Teacher Scholar Philosophy.

Old Business: There was more discussion about the Teacher Scholar Philosophy.

Mary Sue asked for clarification on whether the document can be changed by the Faculty Senate.

Other Business: Mary Sue Love gave an update on the election process of interim grievance policy committee. Walter Siganga, the new senator from Pharmacy, introduced himself.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Approved as corrected, December 4, 2008
Vicki Kruse
University Governance

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