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Communication Gap

By Joel Hardman
July 27, 2016


Continuing the communication theme of our last blog, this month’s focus is on the “communication gap.” Language is an imperfect mechanism for moving the contents of one human mind to another. There will always be some gap – perhaps small, perhaps large – between one speaker’s intentions and the meaning a listener constructs. This gap can be caused by simple mishearing, by slight mismatches in the meanings of words, by ambiguous syntax, or by different cultur...


The Best Defense

By Mary Sue Love
June 07, 2016


A Facebook friend posted an old song the other day as a tribute to his father. I remembered the song from the 80s, "The Living Years", by Mike and the Mechanics, but I didn't listen to it; who has time for more than a quick scan of Facebook these days? But, as luck would have it, it queued up for me the next day in the car for my drive time sing along. One of the lyrics struck me as I was belting it out, 'we all talk a different language talking in defense.'

Defensive communication, I think, ...


What's an Ombuds?

By Joel Hardman
February 23, 2016

To kick off this blog, we thought it appropriate to introduce who we are and what the Ombuds Office does for the SIUE community. The current faculty ombuds are Mary Sue Love, from the Department of Marketing and Management, and Joel Hardman, from the Department of English Language and Literature. We serve staggered three-year terms under the oversight of the Faculty Senate’s Welfare Council.

“We help people” sounds too broad to actually describe what we do, but it's close. An...


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