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Transferring to SIUE
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Undergraduate Transfer Credit

Credit from regionally accredited institutions will be considered for transfer credit.

All transfer courses appropriate to baccalaureate education for which a passing grade (D or better) was awarded are reviewed for possible credit. However, some degree programs may require a higher minimum grade to satisfy graduation requirements.

Unofficial transcript evaluations are available from the Office of Admissions for students attending Illinois community colleges and St. Louis - area community colleges. Students attending private or public four-year institutions or attending community colleges outside of Illinois or the St. Louis metro area are encouraged to complete the application process for admission to the university to receive an official evaluation of transfer credit. Contact or call 618-650-3705 for more information about admission to SIUE or unofficial transcript evaluations.

An official evaluation is provided by the Transfer Center within 15 working days after admission. Students who already have earned a bachelor's degree do not receive an evaluation; general education is considered met and major requirements will be determined within the major department at the time of advisement.

Credit will be evaluated to determine equivalency to SIUE course work, general education requirements, whether the content meets the objectives of the general education curriculum, or elective credit towards graduation hours. Appropriateness of transfer course work to major requirements is generally determined within the major department.

If the credit is occupational or developmental/preparatory, it will not be accepted.

Transfer credit is not calculated into a student's SIUE grade point average.

Course equivalency guides are subject to change at any time.

Associate Degrees and SIUE General Education

Students are encouraged to complete a transfer associate degree.

A student transferring to SIUE who has received an Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Science and Arts (ASA), or Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT in early childhood, special education, or math) degree from an Illinois public community college or from Springfield College in Illinois is considered to have met all lower-level general education requirements, including all Experiences - often referred to as a GenEd waiver. ENG 101 and 102 must be met with grades of C or higher, and one, 3-semester hour junior-level or above Interdisciplinary Studies course from a senior institution is required for graduation.

Students who have met the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) general education core curriculum will receive the GenEd waiver and also must meet the English and Interdisciplinary Studies requirements for graduation.

Some courses can fulfill both general education and major/minor requirements. Students who receive a GenEd waiver must complete all course work required for the major/minor.

Out-of-State Credit

Credit is evaluated course by course. Out-of-State associate degrees do not automatically meet SIUE's lower level General Education requirements. Students will receive a GenEd waiver for degrees that substantially compare to the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) general education core curriculum. One, 3-semester-hour junior-level Interdisciplinary Studies course from a senior institution is required for graduation.

Four-Year College Credit

Course work taken at a regionally accredited four-year institution leading to a bachelor's degree at that institution is accepted for credit unless remedial in nature.

Sequenced Courses

Students are urged to complete sequenced courses, especially in science and math, at the same institution. Students who choose to complete course work at different institutions may not be exposed to all essential course components, affecting transferability to SIUE.

Non-Traditional Credit

SIUE awards:


Planning on Graduate School or a Pre-professional Program?

Students are urged to explore selection criteria to competitive programs very early in their undergraduate career.

Transfer Credit Limits

While we do not limit the number of hours that students may transfer to the University, we do limit the number of those hours that will apply toward our degree programs. If you are transferring from an accredited two-year institution, remember that to earn a degree from SIUE, you must complete 60 semester hours at an accredited four-year institution, and 30 of these 60 hours must be completed at SIUE to satisfy the University residency requirements. If you are transferring to SIUE from a four-year institution, you also must satisfy the 30-semester-hour SIUE residency requirement.

Transfer Academic Requirements

To earn a bachelor's degree from SIUE, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete all specific program requirements
  • Complete all University requirements including:
    • all general education requirements
    • a minimum of 120 credit hours
      • at least 30 of which must be completed at SIUE
      • at least 60 of which must be completed at a regionally accredited 4-year institution
    • a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0
    • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Distinction requirements (see below)
  • File an Application for Graduation by the first day of the term in which student plans to graduate.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Distinction Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Degree requires completion of 8 courses in fine & performing arts (BFPA* or FPA*) and humanities (BHUM* or HUM*) including two semesters of the same foreign language (FL*).

Bachelor of Science Degree requires completion of 8 lecture courses in life (BLS* or LS*), physical (BPS* or PS*) or social science (BSS* or SS*) including 2 with labs (EL*).

For degrees other than B.A. or B.S. (B.F.A., B.L.S., B.M., B.S.A., B.S.W.), please confer with a SIUE major academic advisor.

*Approved courses are identified in the 2012-13 catalog with this designation. Lists of approved classes may also be obtained at:

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