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Conference/Presentation Materials

Gain ideas and strategies from past conference materials and handouts compiled and/or created by teachers and staff from the Teaching with Primary Sources Program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and with other collaborators.

2016 December-National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.

Primary Sources in Practice: See What Works in Our Classrooms! 


The Dust Bowl Literature Gallery Walk
 by Kristin Westphal 

Ready to Print- Student Version
Images-Excerpts Document
for Gallery Walk Activity (PDF) (Word)
Adapted Analysis Tool (PDF) (Word)
Writing Response (PDF) (Word)

Promoting Student Questioning and Inquiry through Utilzation of 'ThingLink' Application by Jean Heil

Link- Ready for Student Use
T. Roosevelt/Panama Canal ThingLink

Students as Digital Historians:  Connecting Our Past to Our Future by Kristin Strubhart

Ready to Print- Student Version
Analyzing Oral Histories Teacher's Guide
from the Library of Congress 
Primary Source Analysis Tool from the Library of Congress
Read more about analyzing oral histories
Reflection Paper Assignment (PDF) (Word)
Veterans' History Documentary Project: Rubric & Checklist (PDF) (Word)

Analyzing Child Labor Photographs Using "the Four C's" by Cheryl Best

Ready to Print- Student Version
The Four C's Organizer
(PDF) (Word)

Supporting Search Guide Search Guide (*Recently updated!)

2016 November-Regional Office of Education #40 Teacher Institute


Primary Sources are Elementary (Additional resources linked on slides)
Presented by Cheryl Best

Ready to Print- Student Version 
Child Labor Image Set (PDF)
Child Labor in the Canning Industry of Maryland 
     (Report by Lewis W. Hine from the Library of Congress) Search Guide (For teachers)

2016 October Regional Civics Conference- O'Fallon Township High School


Hands-on Activities & Free Resources to Help Students Become Civically Engaged
Presented by Elizabeth Osborn & Amy Wilkinson

Image citation for Sort & Annotation Activity
Annotating Activity- (Word)
Annotating Activity (PDF)

Ready to Print Student Version (PDF)
Document 1- Louisiana Democrat
Document 2- Iola Register
Document 3- National Republican
Document 4- Electors Certificate
Document 5- Criticism of the Compromise

Civics Search Guide- Part 1 (General)
Civics Search Guide- Part 2 (More specific)

2016 Directions: Midwest Education Conference


Thinking with Primary Sources
Presented by Cheryl Best, 

Historical Thinking Chart from Stanford (SHEG)
General Search Guide for the Library of Congress, (for teachers)
Thinking Routines & Strategies
Sentence stems sheet for folders (to help students think historically)

2016 Illinois Council for the Social Studies at Millikin University


Teaching Historical Thinking in the Elementary Classroom
Presented by Cheryl Best, 

Tech Tips for
Tips for Printing Large Images/Maps
Updated Search Guide for Teachers

New Frontiers in the Common Core ELA History/Social Studies Standards
Presented by Jason Stacy and Amy Wilkinson

HIST 554 Syllabus
The Gathering of Sources
Example Politics of War Lesson
Example Race and Gender Lesson
Example Society and Culture Lesson
Updated Search Guide for Teachers

2015 California History-Social Science Project Conference at UCLA- "Teaching the Past for Tomorrow:  Conference on the Future of History Education"


Less Time and Not Tested:  Keeping Social Studies Alive in My Elementary Classroom


Questions?  Contact Cheryl Best, or Amy Wilkinson, 

2014 National Council for the Social Studies Conference, Boston, MA


Read, Think and Inquire with Primary Sources and Non-Fiction Books

Teaching with Oral Histories to Explore Multiple Points of View of an Event

Promoting Student Questioning and Inquiry through Exploration of a Historical Event

Supporting Search Guides: (All guides are updated!)

Locate Prints & Photographs

Locate Sets of Sources

Locate Narratives & Oral Histories

Locate a Source by Topic

2013 National Council for the Social Studies Conference, St. Louis, MO

Cover page

Read the Illustration and Locate a Source by Topic

Sort It Out and Locate Prints & Photographs

Museum Gallery Walk and  Primary Source Sets

Break Down a Text and Locate a Newspaper

Searching LOC.GOV and Selecting Primary Source

Common Core readings from the Teaching with the Library of Congress Blog and in the Teaching with the Primary Sources Journal

Additional resources highlighted at the poster session:

Analysis tool adapted for early elementary learners
A few suggested world history resources at

2012 National Council for the Social Studies Conference, Seattle, WA

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