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Current URCA Associate Projects

2014 - 2015 URCA Associates

[IMAGE: Nasir Almasri]

Nasir Almasri 

Major: Political Science


Shifting Polarity in the Global System and the United
States' Future Position

Mentor: Dr. Denise DeGarmo



[IMAGE: Jeffrey Borwey]

Jeffrey Borwey

Major: Computer Science


Applications of Vertex Attack Tolerance to Real
World Datasets

Mentor: Dr. Gunes Ercal

[IMAGE: Mollee]

Mollee Pezold

Major: SECD


Difference in Launguage Use During Shared Reading 
of Traditional Books vs. Ebooks by Preschoolers
with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Their Mothers

Mentor: Dr. Kathryn Brady

[IMAGE: Jennifer Roberts ]

Jennifer Roberts

Major: English


Exploring Nationality in the Illustrations of
Century Transatlantic Landscapes as a
Part of
The Wide, Wide World Digital Edition

Mentor: Dr. Jessica DeSpain

[IMAGE: Savanna Stabenow]

Savanna Stabenow

Major: Biological Sciences


Quantifying the Abundance and Distribution of
Woody Vines (Lianas) in Oak-Hickory Forest

Mentors: Drs. Peter Minchin & Elizabeth Esselman

[IMAGE: Alexandra Taitt]

Alexandra Taitt

Major: Anthropology & Computer Science


Anishinaabe Language and Art Revitalization
Through New Technologies

Mentor: Dr. Cory Willmott

[IMAGE: Joshua Tonnies]

Joshua Tonnies

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Design of a Dynamometer System for Two-Cycle
Engine Performance Measurement

Mentor: Dr. Terry Yan

For more information on the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program,
contact Dr. Laura Pawlow at (618) 650-2608 or lpawlow@siue.edu.

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