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The Staff Senate
The Staff Senate
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What's New?

Staff Senate Elections

2015 Election Results

The following people have been elected by acclamation to serve on the Staff Senate in which terms begin September 1, 2015;

  • Negotiated & Prevailing Senator
    • Thomas Dickey, Incumbent
  • Open Range Senators
    • Jamie L. Goodwin
    • Melanie Schoenborn
  • Administrative Staff Senators
    • William Dusenbery, Incumbent
    • Ian J. Toberman
  • Negotiated & Prevailing Panel Members
    • Thomas Dickey, Incumbent
    • Tami Kershaw, Incumbent
    • Anne Hunter, Incumbent
  • Open Range Panel Members
    • Jamie L. Goodwin
    • Laura Scaturro
    • Melanie Schoenborn
  • Administrative Staff Panel Member
    • Dain Dain, Incumbent
Name Constituency Seat Title Term Email
Thomas Dickey Negotiated & Prevailing Senator and Panel   Blg. Mechanic & Facilities Mgmt 2018 thdicke@siue.edu
Jamie L. Goodwin Open Range Senator and Panel Admissions Representative  2018 jamgood@siue.edu
Melanie Schoenborn  Open Range Senator and Panel Lovejoy Library Ops. Associate 2016 mschoen@siue.edu
William Dusenbery Administrative Staff Senator Specialist 2018 wdusenb@siue.edu 
Ian J. Toberman Administrative Staff Senator Academic Advisor 2018 itoberm@siue.edu
Tami Kersaw Negotiated & Prevailing   Panel Administrative Clerk 2017 tkersha@siue.edu
Anne Hunter Negotiated & Prevailing Panel Office Support Specialist 2017 anhunte@siue.edu
Laura Scaturro Open Range Panel Lovejoy Library Admin/Bus. Associate  2017 lsatur@siue.edu
Dana Dain Administrative Panel Coordinator, School of Pharmacy 2017  ddain@siue.edu

Scholarship News

2015 Summer Staff Senate Scholarship

One Summer 2015 Staff Senate Scholarship of $1000.00 was awarded this year. Morgan Strom, daughter of Laura Strom (Registrar), was awarded a $1000.00 scholarship. Congratulations, Morgan!!

2015 Spring Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarship

Three Spring 2015 Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarships of $300.00 were awarded this year. Nicholas Caban, son of Jan (Facilities) and Susan (Registrar) Caban, Kayla Thompson daughter of Kelly Thompson-Hess (Student Financial Aid), and Madison Knezik-Smith granddaughter of Jo Ellen Caia (Educational Outreach) were each awarded a $300.00 scholarship. Congratulations, Nicholas, Kayla, and Madison!!

2014 Fall Staff Senate Scholarship

Two Fall 2014 Staff Senate Scholarship of $1000.00 were awarded this year. Nicholas Caban, son of Jan (Facilities) and Susan (Registrar) Caban and Jack Desse, grandson of retiree Gary Smith (School of Dental Medicine) were each awarded a $1000.00 scholarship. Congratulations, Nicholas and Jack!!

USS Employee Banquet

2015 Employee Banquet

The 2015 Staff Senate Employee Banquet is TBD

2014 Employee Banquet

The 2014 Staff Senate Employee Banquet will be on Thursday, September 18th! It will be held at the American Legion Post 199 in Edwardsville. If you would, please pass the word around and get a group together from your area to come out and enjoy the evening. We are also looking for donations for our silent auction. If you or your department would like to donate something, contact Tami Kershaw at tkersha@siue.edu or extension 2133, for pick up. If you are unable to attend the banquet but would like to donate, please contact Tami. Below is a link to the Banquet Ticket and Flyer for your convenience.

USS Employee Banquet Ticket and Flyer

BBQ Update

Look for information next year about a possible 2015 Staff Senate BBQ during the Benefits Fair. 

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