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The Staff Senate
The Staff Senate
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The University Staff Senate represents Civil Service and Professional Staff of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Employees who are represented by labor organizations as well as employees who are not represented can participate on the University Staff Senate, its panels or committees. The University Staff Senate manages two scholarship funds: The University Staff Senate Scholarship and the Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarship Fund. Civil Service and Professional Staff employees participate in the governance of the University via the senate and its panels. All senate and panel members are elected officers. Consider service to your constituency group and the University by participating on the University Staff Senate or its respective panels. Contact the University Staff Senate at staffsenate@siue.edu.


East St. Louis Center

VISIT: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Staff Senate Web Page


University Staff Senate Member – Term beginning immediately

  • From the East St. Louis Center - One member from the Open Range Civil Service, Negotiated and Prevailing Civil Service or Administrative Staff will fill a vacant seat with term expiring August 31, 2017

Members will be elected by all non-academic employees from their own constituency groups.  Positions on the ballot will be in the same order of date and time as receipt of their acceptable petition.

Application for Candidacy:  Petition and Statement of Candidacy forms (includes Statement of Qualifications) are available from the University Governance Office until 4:30 p.m. on February 11, 2016 or online at www.siue.edu/ugov/staff/documents_list.shtml

Eligibility for Candidacy:  Candidates for membership to the Staff Senate must be a permanent, full-time Civil Service employee or a full-time Administrative Staff employee on a continuing or term contract, with a minimum of two years of consecutive employment with the University at the time the candidate picks up the petition and the statement of Candidacy forms, and employed on the date of election.  Petitions must be filed with the University Governance Office.


February 11, 2016 – Latest date for withdrawal of candidates.  Statements of Withdrawal must be made in person in the University Governance Office

February 11, 2016 – Latest date for filing petition and Statement of Candidacy form

February 18, 2016 – Latest date that all non-academic employees will be notified of the official list of candidates and their qualifications

MARCH 1, 2016– Date of election

Eligibility to Vote:  Any Civil Service employee from THE EAST ST. LOUIS CENTER (excluding temporary, provisional, and extra help), who is currently employed as of the date of election, shall be entitled to vote.  Any Administrative/Professional Staff Employee currently employed as of the date of the election shall be entitled to vote.

*NOTE* If the number of Petitions for Candidacy submitted is equal to or less than the number of vacancies, petitioners will be elected by acclamation and no notification of the official list of candidates and their qualifications and no ballots will be circulated to the full constituency

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Faculty for Collective Bargaining Spring 2016 Scholarship Award


The Staff Senate awards two students $750.00 each:

Amanda Lotter, daughter of Deanna Lotter, Office Manager from the School of Business, AFSCME

Stacey Pettit, daughter of Mary Ann B. Petti, Instructor from the Department of Economics and Finance, Member of Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association, Full-time Faculty

Best wishes and good luck in your academic endeavors!

Staff Senate Fall 2015 Scholarship

CONGRATULATIONS to three new Fall 2015 Scholarship Awardees!

Allison Buchmiller $1000 - daughter of Susan Buchmiller of Financial Aid

Kaitlyn Frisbee $500 - daughter of Michelle Frisbee of Office of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Gage Geiger $500 - son of Paula Geiger of Office of the Bursar

Staff Senate 2015 Summer Scholarship

 Congratulations to the Summer 2015 Scholarship Awardee! 

The Staff Senate awarded a $1000 Summer 2015 Staff Senate Scholarship to Morgan Strom, daughter of Laura Strom from the Office of the Registrar.

Best wishes and good luck in your academic endeavors!

Faculty for Collective Bargaining Spring 2015 Scholarship


The Staff Senate awards three students $300.00 each:

Nicholos Caban, son of Susan Caban from the Registrar's Office

Kayla Thompson, daughter of Kelly Thompson-Hess from Student Financial Aid Office

Madison Knezik-Smith, granddaughter of Jo Ellen Caia from Educational Outreach

Best wishes and good luck in your academic endeavors!

University Staff Senate 2014 Fall Scholarship

Congratulations! Two students have each been awarded a $1000 Fall Scholarship.  Nicholas Caban, son of Jan (Facilities) and Susan (Registrar) Caban, AND Jack Desse, grandson of retiree Gary Smith (School of Dental Medicine) have been selected for a Staff Senate Scholarship this fall. An award presentation will take place at the October 2 Staff Senate meeting in the Willow Room, Morris University Center. Thanks goes to the Scholarship Selection Committee for their service to this worthy task.

Staff Senate Summer 2014 Scholarship 


The Staff Senate awarded a $500.00 Summer 2014 Staff Senate Scholarship to Gabrielle Geiger, daughter of Paula Geiger (Bursar) in the Chancellor's Office, Friday, May 2, 2014. Congratulations, Gabrielle!!

The Staff Senate would like to thank all the applicants and encourage all eligible applicants to apply again in the future.  Look for the 2014 Fall Scholarship announcement sometime in June.


Past Presidents Event

The Staff Senate honored its past presidents who are currently SIUE employees at the December 2, 2010 regular meeting.


Left to right front row: Brian W. Lotz (2008-2009), Mary Rast (1994-1995), Gary Dunn (2001-2002), Jesse B. Harris, Jr. (1989-1990),
Michael W. Pulley (current). Back row: Todd Bartholomew (2007-2008), Mick Ostrander (1999-2000),
Eric Barnett (1997-1998 and 2000-2001). Not pictured: Shrylene Clark Langston (1998-1999) and Joe Loring (2003-2005)

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone for your interest and support for the University Staff Senate.

If you have a chance, thank a Senator for all their time and service to the University as a result of serving on the University Staff Senate.

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