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About SIUE's Sustainability Advisory Group (SAG)

The SIUE Sustainability Advisory Group (SAG) was created Feb. 14, 2008 by Vice Chancellor Kenn Neher to assess progress on existing initiatives and vet ideas for future efforts.

SAG consists of members of the faculty, staff and student body. The group was founded on the premise that embracing sustainable practices and providing knowledge for sustainable development within an institution of higher learning can achieve the following:

  • Improve teaching and learning;
  • Prepare students for citizenship and careers;
  • Attract students, faculty, and funding;
  • Save money and other resources for the institution and for society;
  • Improve and enhance the institution's reputation;
  • Increase cooperation and satisfaction within institutional units;
  • Provide leadership for local and regional economic development;
  • Provide leaders for a sustainable future.

SAG provides leadership for SIUE sustainability initiatives that lead to social justice, economic prosperity and ecologic integrity. Advisory group members will catalyze the development and implementation of sustainable policies, practices and curricula for all members of the University community.

SAG's charter is charged with:

  • Providing a forum for the open exchange of sustainability information in higher education;
  • Advising the Chancellor's Council on developing a sustainability vision and plan for SIUE that will reduce the University's ecological footprint, enhance informal and formal sustainability education, and reflect the University's mission, vision and core values;
  • Identifying collaboration opportunities that promote sustainable practices in all University activities;
  • Developing a method for measuring SIUE's sustainability progress;
  • Promoting sustainability issue communication, education and achievements;
  • Reporting annually to the Chancellor's Council, as well as to the University committee, on activities and accomplishments.

SAG Members (2014-2015)

Administration/Staff Faculty Students

Kenn Neher - Vice Chancellor of Administration

Kevin Adkins - Sustainability Officer

Jamie Conklin - Lovejoy Library

Dr. Jim Klenke - Student Affairs

Heather Kniffel - Marketing & Communications

Paul Fulugni - Facilities Management

Dr. Connie Frey-Spurlock - Sociology/Criminal Justice

Dr. Susan Morgan - Civil Engineering

Dr. Jennifer Rehg - Anthropology

Dr. Bill Retzlaff - Biological Sciences

Dr. Kurt Schulz - Biological Sciences

Jim Wulfsong - Theater and Dance

Jamie Matthews - MUC

Victoria Peters - Graduate Assistant of Sustainability

Brooke Kottkamp - Student Organization for Sustainability (SOS) President

Mark Veverka - Student Organization for Sustainability (SOS), Natural Connections

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