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Student Employment
Student Employment
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****New FAFSA filing date.  Please file your 2017-18 FAFSA by October 1, 2016****

Students enrolled for Fall 2016 semester can begin viewing jobs on July 18, 2016.

Please accept your Federal Work Study award on CougarNet under your Financial aid tab.

You can utilize your Federal Work Study award for any on-campus position.  Students awarded FWS can apply for non-work study positions.  Once hired, you will be entered into the payroll system as a FWS student employee.  

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Congratulate Ramon DeShazer as our Student Employee of the Year 2016

Changes in Student Employment policies:  

Policy change information for Students

Policy change information for Employers

Earn Money to Help Finance Your Education

Many opportunities exist on campus in which you may earn while becoming a valuable part of the campus community. Employment Programs for students include three types of on-campus employment, each offering a variety of experiences to enhance your education and your future. SIUE also offers an off-campus referral service through our Job Locator and Development Program.

Available jobs in all of these categories are posted on Student Job Finder. Students hired by on-campus departments will be registered for payroll and will be paid according to the Payroll Schedule, usually bi-weekly. Most on-campus positions start at minimum wage. You must be enrolled at least half-time and be financially cleared for the term to work on campus, as well as meet other eligibility criteria. Key Employment Dates for each term should be observed in order to maintain eligibility status.

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