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AIS Vendor Search:

Use this to search for any vendor in the Administrative Information Systems (AIS) database. Follow this process when filling out the requisition area for the Recommended Supplier Name and Address (including TIN/SSN) as well as the Supplier Name/Address section of the AP Invoice Distribution Form. Obtain information from AIS Vendor Search by using three different search features.

A. TIN - Tax Identification Number:

Use if tax identification number (also known as Federal Employer Identification Number - FEIN) is known. This feature will show the legal company name associated with that number. This number is unique to every vendor.

B. Vendor Name - Contact Vendor Name:

Use if company name is known. This feature will show the TIN associated with this name. For best results, only enter a few letters of the name to show a complete listing.

C. DBA - Doing Business As:

Use this feature if company is a sole proprietorship. It will show the name and Social Security Number or TIN of the sole proprietor. (Could also be used if company is a division of another company. It will show the parent company name and TIN.) For best results, only enter a few letter of name to show complete listing.


a. Percent sign (%) is a wild card character that can be used for queries that only partial information is known. The sign can be used before and/or after query information.
b. If asterisks (*) appear, that means the record or address has been inactivated. Contact Vendor File Manager for explanation.
c. Purchasing Site Y means that a purchase order can be sent to the address selected.
d. Purchasing Site N means that a purchase order cannot be sent to the address selected.
e. Pay Site Y means that payment can be sent to the address selected.
f. Pay Site N means that payment cannot be sent to the address selected.
g. Display Site Information will show all available addresses for the vendor.
h. Site means address.
i. Vendor Contact means the person to contact at that particular address.


a. If the vendor information could not be found within the AIS Vendor Search, call the vendor's accounting or legal department. Ask for the vendor's legal name. (Some companies use doing business as (DBA) names.) If the vendor is a sole proprietorship, the SSN and/or FEIN and name of the sole proprietor must be obtained. Also, ask the vendor to submit a W-9 Form to verify this information. Once the W-9 is received, it can be attached to the paperwork being sent to Purchasing or sent direct to the Vendor File Manager for entry into the AIS vendor database.
b. Contact the Vendor File Manager, 618-650-3255, for help in obtaining the vendor information needed.

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