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Purchasing Term


2-Way Matching

Matching of the invoice(s) to the corresponding purchase order that is already in the system.

3-Way Matching

Matching of the invoice(s) to the receipt(s) that has already been matched to the corresponding purchase order that is already in the system.


Administrative Information Systems (current financial accounting system) used to process all accounts except 6 account purchase requisitions

Bid Advertising

Bids/RFQs must be posted on the Procurement Bulletin for at least 15 days

Board Approval

Additional approval required on requisitions over $100,000

Budget Purpose

AIS version of the FAS account number


An employee who has been issued a credit card.

Central Receiving

Receives and delivers commodities and equipment delivered to the loading docks

Change Order or Revision Request

A request to make a change to an already established purchase order.


Merchandise less than $100 or consumable supplies (printer toner) of any amount (1300 CUSAS Code)

Confirming Orders

Not allowed

Consultant Agreement

Required for any person/firm coming on campus to consult, speak, perform, etc. which exceeds $1,500

Contractual Services

Nothing tangible received, services being performed (1200 CUSAS Code) includes software


Comptroller's Uniform Statewide Accounting System - Code used when encumbering funds (commodity, contractual services, equipment, telecomm)

Departmental Card Manager (DCM)

An employee who records the charge information into P-Card software and reconciles transactions associated with cardholders for whom they have been designated as the DCM.

Departmental Receiver

An employee who processes direct receipts in AIS.

Direct Delivery

Receipt of an item(s) on a standard order by the department directly from the vendor


Electronic forms of requisitions, Invoice Distribution Form, etc. found on the AIS home page


Obligate funds for the purchase made


Merchandise exceeding or equal to $100 (1500 CUSAS Code)


Assures delivery of commodities and equipment; moving expenses; return of supplies/equipment; freight and express charges


(Edwardsville) Financial Accounting System

Grant Account

Funded by other means (indicated by 6). The FAS Account starts with 6 and the second character of the AIS Budget Purpose is a 6.

Independent Contractor Analysis Form

Form required by Human Resources to clarify between hiring an individual from outside the University and an employee of the University


General Liability, Automobile Liability, Worker's Compensation insurance required for vendors who work on campus.

Local Account

Funded by other means (indicated by as any account other than 2 or 6) The FAS Account starts with 3, 4, 5, 7, or 8; and the second character of the AIS Budget Purpose is 3, 4, 5, 7, or 8.

New Furniture Affidavit

The form required by the State of Illinois when purchasing new modular, office, institutional library, school, mailroom, laboratory, industrial and safety, data processing, and miscellaneous furniture; and audio visual equipment that is over $500. The purpose of this is to indicate that the State of Illinois Surplus Property does not have any comparable furniture or equipment needed by the department.

Object Code

AIS version of the CUSAS Code

P-Card Administrator

The P-Card Administrator is a restricted role. The Administrator oversees all aspects of the P-Card system.

P-Card Approver

Typically the fiscal officer but may be an individual to whom the fiscal officer has designated this authority. Approvers review and approve reconciled transactions.


Procurement Credit Card Purchases

P-Card Order Log

The record describing the transaction made by the department cardholder created by the P-Card DCM.

Prime Vendor Contract

One vendor for all three SIU campuses (Boise/OfficeMax, Fisher Scientific, etc.)

Pro Forma

Paid in advance for services/merchandise

Purchase Requisition

E-form used to request the purchase

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

A type of bid going out to various vendors for pricing on merchandise or services

Sole Source

A vendor that is the only one that can provide the merchandise or service.

Standard Purchase Order

A one time purchase of one specific item or services OR a multiple payment order for a period of one year for one particular type of item or service to one specific vendor, i.e. rental of facilities, utilities, etc.

Standard Receipt

Receipt of an item(s) on a standard order through the loading docks

State Account

State funded monies (indicated by 2 accounts) The FAS Account starts with 2 and the second character of the AIS Budget Purpose is a 2.

Surplus Property

Old furniture or equipment


Fax machines, telephone services, etc. (anything that is connected to the telephone lines) (1700 CUSAS Code)

Temporary Services

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