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The major purpose of the Procurement Card Program is to reduce the amount of time spent and paperwork required when making small dollar purchases for the University.  This will reduce costs in many ways including reducing the number of purchasing orders and checks that must be printed and issued, and reducing the number of invoices that must be matched and paid.

The University has chosen to use the “per purchase” limitation as its primary tool in controlling card usage.  A reasonable monthly limit is also placed on the card based on anticipated usage.  However, there is no limit on the number of transactions a Cardholder can make in a day or month.

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PCard Policies and Procedures:
PCard Rules Updates 2015
PCard Expenditure Codes

PCard Purchasing Rules and Regulations
PCard System Quick Reference
 Frequently Asked Questions
Violations & Consequences

Resources for Reconcilers and Approvers:
SIUE PaymentNetTM User Guide
P-Card Parent and Object Code List

Submit an email requesting Lost Receipt Affidavit

SIUE Pcard Account Request Form
SIUE Pcard Account Request Form Instructions
Departmental Information Form
Cardholder Agreement
Departmental Card Manager (Reviewer) Agreement
Approver Agreement
Higher Transaction & Monthly Limit Request Form

Tax Exempt ID Numbers:
Walmart ID #41979
Lowes ID #179500019
Home Depot ID #1203936533
Best Buy ID #3003758169

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