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Central Receiving is responsible for the receipt of all inbound shipments, the handling of outbound shipments and the delivery of merchandise received to the ordering department. The unit is also responsible for forwarding furniture items to Facilities Management for uncrating, assembly and delivery. Each fiscal officer is responsible for obtaining a signed receipt for any departmental equipment which is released to the vendor (either as a trade-in or for repair) if the transaction is not handled by Central Receiving. Central Receiving is further responsible for determining that all items received are in accordance with the quantities and specifications ordered.

All international outbound shipments must be processed through Central Receiving.  Please contact Ron Klaustermeier x3378 for assistance with international outbound shipments.

Campus departments are encouraged to take advantage of the discounted rates, for small package transportation, offered by UPS on packages, overnight letters/packages, as well as general freight. UPS is an Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative participant. The pre-determined competitively bid prices make utilization of the UPS contract in the best interest of the University.  The discount is available through Central Receiving’s UPS account. Individual accounts are not discounted.  Central receiving will be happy to pick up and process your shipping requirements.  Central Receiving maintains a stock of shipping envelopes, small cartons etc., for your convenience.  Please call Ron Klaustermeier at x3378 or Sharon Giffhorn at x3384 for any questions or assistance.

Loading docks are located in the University Center tunnel (Loading Dock 1) and the Supporting Services complex (Loading Dock 2).

Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Loading Dock 1 University Center Tunnel; 618-650-3379
Loading Dock 2 Supporting Services; 618-650-3378
Email: Ron Klaustermeier, Supervisor, rklaust@siue.edu

Since the University has no petty cash account, no C.O.D. shipments are handled. Central Receiving will accept items which involve collect freight only on non-personal shipments. All personal shipments are to be directed to the staff member's home.

All materials mailed, shipped or otherwise delivered to the University as a result of a purchase order or other contract should normally be processed through Central Receiving. Any material covered by a purchase order that is picked up by the department representative or that has been delivered directly to the department by the company must have a departmental receipt entered directly into the Administrative Information System (AIS) by the unit's SIU Departmental Receiver.

Materials which are found to be damaged upon delivery should be reported immediately to the Purchasing Department, Expediting Section. The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) requires a notice of concealed damage within fifteen days. This report should include the purchase order number and vendor, the date received, carrier's name and shipping number, the item's damaged condition and the condition of the parcel when it was received. It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department to determine the liability for damaged materials and to arrange for filing claims as well as to initiate the request for replacement shipments. All damaged materials should be preserved in the original state and in original shipping containers. This is critical because in most cases, before a claim can be filed, an inspection report is required. The inspection by the carrier is made of the packing and shipping materials as well as of the damaged merchandise. Where applicable, Central Receiving operates under the guidelines of the ICC regarding damages and/or losses during shipment. Central Receiving coordinates the return or exchange of the material with the Purchasing Department.

Central Receiving is also responsible for outbound shipments of items which do not meet specifications or exceed the number of items ordered. Unit personnel should advise the Purchasing Department, Expediting Section, of the need to return items to the vendor. The Purchasing Department, Expediting Section, shall then make arrangements for return through Central Receiving.

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