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Fiscal Year 2017

The Chief Procurement Officer of Higher Education has announced the adjustments of the sealed bid limits for individual procurements of supplies or services other than professional or artistic services, and procurement of construction. These adjustments are based upon the 1.5% increase in the Consumer Price Index as provided in the Higher Education Procurement Rules. Effective September 1, 2016, the sealed bid limits are as follows:

Supplies or Services (including equipment)
Sealed Bid Limit: $80,000

Sealed Bid Limit: $100,000

Professional and Artistic Services
Request for Proposal Limit: $20,000 (remains unchanged)

Those construction-related professional services subject to the Architectural, Engineering and Land Surveying Qualifications Based Selection Act [30 ILCS 535] are exempted from the Procurement Code, and currently are required to be procured through competitive selection procedures if $25,000 or more.

Three competitive price quotations are still required for purchases of $25,000 up to the legal bid limit.

In Chancellor Vandegrift's e-mail of October 12, 2007, he requests that "for purchases of goods and services of $25,000 and above, the departments obtain at least one price quotation from a firm that is owned by a minority, female or person with disability." Please access the Purchasing website http://www.siue.edu/purchasing or call us to assist you in locating diverse vendors.

In addition to this announcement, a notice will be posted permanently with the Rules as they are published at the Higher Education Electronic Bulletin web site ( http://www.procure.stateuniv.state.il.us).

Please insure this information is given to each of the operational personnel under your authority who are responsible for initiating and coordinating purchase Requisitions.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Ufert Fairless, Director of Purchasing, at 618-650-3255 or nufert@siue.edu.

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