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Policy for Retired and Emeriti Faculty Members

WC#14-07/08, as approved by Chancellor Vandegrift on 10/19/2010; Faculty Senate on 10/07/2010, Faculty Senate Executive Committee on 10/08/2009, and the Welfare Council on 09/15/2009.

A. Retired Faculty Members

A "retired faculty member" is defined as a tenured or tenure-eligible faculty member who qualified for retirement under the State Universities Retirement System. Retired faculty members continue to receive some of the University benefits to which they were entitled prior to retirement.

Retired faculty members continue to receive parking privileges, a faculty ID card, an"e-ed" for access to electronic resources, website space as allotted to a current faculty member, and most library privileges to which they were entitled prior to retirement. Retired faculty members also may elect to participate in University service or in a University "talent pool" if mutually agreeable to the retired faculty member and the University entity of interest.

Retired faculty members and their immediate family members receive discounts for on-campus events. They also have access to recreational facilities and influenza vaccinations through health services, both with fees similar to those for active faculty and their family members.

B. Emeriti Faculty Members

A retired faculty member may be granted Emeritus or Emerita status upon retirement. The granting of such status originates within the faculty of the Department. Upon conferral, Emeritus or Emerita status continues through the remainder of a faculty member's lifetime consistent with standards of professional behavior.

In addition to the benefits received by all retired faculty, those retired faculty members who are granted Emeritus or Emerita status receive further privileges. Emeriti faculty are named as emeriti members of the Department, are listed on Department websites with contact information, and have the right to use Department stationery for official SIUE-related purposes only and to cite affiliation with the Department.

Emeriti faculty may also elect to teach courses on a part-time basis if such opportunities exist in the Department and if mutually agreeable to the Emeriti faculty member, the Department, and the Dean of the appropriate unit. Compensation is to be negotiated with the appropriate unit.

Emeriti faculty who were members of the Graduate Faculty upon retirement are eligible, but not required, to serve as a member of thesis committees in accord with the Graduate School policy.

Upon request from an Emeritus/Emerita faculty member, the Department will seek to make available: 1) a faculty mailbox and reasonable access to clerical services, 2) reasonable use of mailing privileges, and 3) office space with telephone extension, computer, and other appropriate office equipment. These resources are subject to budget limitations and limited to official SIUE-related purposes.

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