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Contractual Matters

Authorization of Contracts and Leases - 5B1

Following are the steps necessary to provide proper authorization for contractual agreements requiring commitments on behalf of the University. The President, the Chancellor, and the Purchasing Agent are the only University officers who can legally contract for or commit the University. It is essential that the contractual arrangements governing the matters cited below be processed as stated.

  1. Contracts for Leases and/or Rental of Real Property shall be forwarded to the Office of the General Counsel, accompanied by a requisition approved by the appropriate functional area head. Such contracts must be approved by the Chancellor (and the President if the agreement involves the lease or rental of University property to another party) and forwarded to Purchasing for processing.

  2. Professional and/or Artistic (performance) contract shall be signed by the Professional (or a designated representative) and be accompanied by a requisition signed by the appropriate functional area head, then forwarded to Purchasing for processing.

  3. Formal agreements or contracts for lease or rental of equipment shall be signed by a representative of the issuing company and forwarded with a requisition to Purchasing for processing. Only the Purchasing Agent is authorized to sign such agreements or contract on behalf of the University.

  4. Affiliation agreements shall be forwarded through the respective Dean or unit head and then through the functional area head to the Office of the General Counsel for approval before being signed by the Chancellor.

  5. Extramural Sponsored Contracts or Sub-contracts wherein the University receives external funds for services must be reviewed by the department head or supervisor, the appropriate Dean or Director, and forwarded to the Office of Research and Projects for review and processing.

  6. Faculty-Staff Contracts shall be forwarded through channels to the appropriate functional area head, then to the Director of the Office of Human Resources (or Chancellor as appropriate) and, if required, to the President and the Board of Trustees. Such contracts are not effective until approved by the Chancellor and, if required, by the President and/or Board of Trustees.

  7. All other contracts shall be forwarded to the Purchasing Agent for processing.

Approved by Chancellor effective 12/12/85
This policy was issued on November 12, 2002, replacing the February 8, 2000 version.
Document Reference: 5B1
Origin: OP 5/17/82; EB 16-15; OP 11/5/90

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