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Graduate Assistantship Regulatory Policies - 4A4

  1. Each assistantship appointment must relate to the student's academic objective and be supervised by qualified personnel. The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research is authorized to approve or disapprove assistantships in accordance with these criteria.

  2. The salary rate for the three categories of general, research, and teaching assistantships shall be the same.

  3. A graduate student having a 50% Graduate Assistant appointment may not simultaneously have a Student Work appointment, except that a graduate student may petition the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research for an exception to this limitation.

    A graduate student having a 25% Graduate Assistant appointment may also have a Student Work appointment.

  4. Vacation Benefits

    Graduate Assistants contracted with on the basis of the nine month academic year or a fraction thereof are not eligible for vacation benefits. If a student with such an appointment has a separate Summer contract, vacation credit cannot accrue on the Summer contract.

    Students on fiscal-type appointments are eligible for vacation benefits. Vacation entitlement shall accrue at the rate of one and one-twentyfourth days per month. The vacation credit must be used during the term of appointment and there shall be no carryover of vacation credit from one fiscal year to the next nor lump sum payment following expiration of appointment for accumulated and unused vacation credit. If the appointment is under an external grant, provision for the vacation credit shall be incorporated in the terms of the grant pertaining to payment of salaries.

    Students on nine month appointments are entitled to the same legal holidays and breaks between academic terms as other University academic personnel. If their assistance is required by faculty supervisors during such periods, arrangements should be made to compensate them by relief from duties, when necessary, during subsequent slack periods.

  5. Sick Leave

    Graduate assistants on 50 percent appointments are eligible for a sick leave benefit of 20 hours, which would have been assigned as work hours, for each month covered by the appointment. For appointments of less than 50 percent, the entitlement is to be prorated according to the percentage of the appointment. After seven consecutive days of absence due to illness, a graduate assistant must present a physician's statement verifying the illness. Graduate assistants are not entitled to extended sick leave benefits.

Approved by Chancellor effective 8/1/91
This policy was issued on April 4, 2000, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 4A4
Origin: Multiple; OP 8/1/91

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