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Crime Prevention Unit

What is Crime Prevention?
Crime Prevention is a service to offer practical advice to help you protect your family, friends, home, and property against crime.

The Police Department offers a variety of crime prevention programs. All crime prevention programs are free and may be requested at any time. Below, is a list of just a few of our successful programs.

  • Campus Safety Program
  • Personal Safety Program
  • Operation Identification Program
  • Workplace Violence Program
  • Student/Parent Orientation
  • Alcohol Prevention Program

If you would like more information regarding these programs or would like to request a different program, please feel free to contact the SIUE Police Department at 650-3324. We have crime prevention programs for faculty, staff, students, and children.

The SIUE Police Department also participates in University Sponsored events, such as Welcome Week, New Faculty Orientation, Springboard to Success, just to name a few.

Crime Prevention can improve the quality of life for everyone in the Univeristy Community.

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