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Graduate Students
Radhika Devraj, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
(618) 650‑5137
Fax: (618) 650‑5145

Pharmacy Administration
B.S., University of Bombay
M.S., University of Toledo
Ph.D., Purdue University


My research interests can be broadly described as studying factors that may prevent patients from having the best possible outcomes of therapy. Among the myriad factors that may contribute to poor patient outcomes, I have been involved with research in the areas of health literacy, and health-related quality of life. Recently, I have also expanded into studying about resources available for Spanish-speaking patients. 

Health Literacy: My current research interests focus in the area of health literacy. Health Literacy refers to patients’ ability to read, understand and act on their understanding of information provided to them by health care practitioners. I have worked on research projects examining health literacy in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), as well as studying pharmacists’ understanding of health literacy. I am interested in developing interventions to help patients with low health literacy, as well as studying the role of pharmacists in enhancing health literacy. This may be via tailored interventions directed towards pharmacists in their routine practice and studying the impact of such interventions. I am also interested in demonstrating the effect of health literacy on significant outcomes of care. Further, I am interested in developing innovative teaching methods to enhance knowledge and awareness about health literacy among current pharmacy students.

Health-related quality of life: I have previously been involved in research examining the relationship between health-related quality of life (HRQOL) as a patient outcome, and its relationship with health care resource utilization in patients with COPD. I continue to have an interest in evaluating the impact of interventions, diseases or medications on patients’ health-related quality of life.

Medication Adherence: Recently, I have developed an interest in medication adherence and the role of pharmacists in enhancing medication adherence.

Selected Publications

Devraj R and Gupchup GV (2015). Health literacy based communication by Illinois pharmacists. Inov Pharm. 6(3):1-8.

Devraj R, Borrego M, Vilay AM, Gordon EJ, Pailden J (2015). Relationship between health literacy and kidney function. Nephrology 20(5): 360-367.

Poirier TI, Devraj R (2015). Time for consensus on a new approach for assessments. Am J Pharm Educ Feb 17;79(1):02.

Devraj R, Herndon CM, Griffin J.(2013) Pain awareness and medication knowledge: A health literacy evaluation. J of Pain and Palliative care Pharmacotherapy. Mar 27(1):19-27.

Devraj R and Wallace LS (2012). Application of Content Expert Process to develop a clinically useful low-literacy chronic kidney disease self-management tool (CKD-SMKT). Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy S1551- 7411 (12) 00303-8.

Devraj R, Gupchup GV (2011). Identifying Aspects of Pharmacists’ Attitudes and Barriers toward Health Literacy: A Factor Analytic Study. Annals of Pharmacotherapy 45:771-9.

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