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Speed Networking Events for SIUE Researchers: Identity, Diversity, Inclusion

Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2:00-3:30, MUC, Missouri Room

The date for this event has passed. View the Researcher Profiles or return to the Speed Networking Home Page.
See Speed Networking Home Page for instructions, incentives and further details.

Practice your 3-minute “elevator speech” as you participate in a fast-paced, fun event meant to expose you to the excellent research on campus and inspire you to establish new, productive relationships. Researchers will share their topics in an accelerated fashion with a group of researchers sharing similar interests.

Interested attendees must R.S.V.P. to one of the following events. Seats are limited. Some preparation required—an inquiring mind and willingness to talk to others are a must! R.S.V.P. at ORP Registration Page

Research in Identity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Ideas of Self and Other are fundamental to human societies. Who we believe ourselves to be and not to be shapes our notions of community, our ability to act in the world, as well as our civil, social, biomedical and technological structures. But while modern society propels us to build ever more rapid and complex systems and networks, our notions of self and other are still influenced by tradition, culture, religion, race, sex, sexuality, ethnicity and other deeply-rooted factors. Researchers in this area are interested in the multiple identities are perspectives that exist in a complex modernity and the politics of inclusion and exclusion that accompany them. Some look for practical ways we can bridge the gaps in our differences and ensure that the marginal or underserved receive equal treatment and access. Researchers in this are may come from the humanities, social sciences, education, business, health fields, or science and engineering.

Researcher Profiles

Robyn Berkley: Sexual Harassment; Gay and Lesbian issues; Discrimination

Danice Brown:Ethnic-racial socialization and psychological well-being among African Americans; Multicultural competence in psychotherapy and higher education; Sexual assertiveness among African American women

Lakesha Butler: Cultural Competency (Health Disparities); Health literacy and medication adherence  (Patient Care); Innovative and active learning strategies

Aminata Cairo: HIV/AIDS experiences in Suriname; Safe health care for transgender populations

Shellly Goebl-Parker: Youth voice, service and community engagement; Community-based open studio; community arts and above as strategies for community health

Helena Gurfinkel: Literature (British, World); Gender/sexuality studies, especially masculinities; Philosophical and psychological approaches to literature

Marie Klopfenstein: Voice needs assessment of transgender community; Prosodic correlates of speech naturalness in the dysarthrias; Scholarship of teaching and learning in phonetics and voice disorders

Sorin Nastasia: International public relations and international public discourse; Gender, ethnicity, and communication in international contexts; Study abroad issues

Amelia Perez: Health behaviors in Hispanics; Acculturation; Health literacy

Catherine Seltzer: Southern literature; Constructions of gender in 19th and 20th century America; "Global Souths"/ Hemisphere studies

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