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Research & Development

New Faculty Start-Up

Start-Up Funds Request Form: Due December 1 each year


Effective FY 2012, all new tenure-track faculty are eligible for a $3,500 start-up award as described below. Please contact Acting Associate Dean Susan Morgan should you have any questions.

Award Information--Effective FY12

  1. Before faculty receive start-up funds from the Graduate School, faculty must register with the COS Pivot Database and fill out CV information in their profile.
  2. F aculty beginning any time after July 1 must request start-up funds prior to December 1.
  3. T he initial $2,000 in start-up funds ($1,000 from your school/college and $1,000 from the Provosts' office) are State appropriated monies and must be expended by June 30. There are no other requirements to receive these funds other than new faculty status.
  4. The final $1,500 are offered from the Graduate School after participation in the required New Faculty Orientation sponsored by the Graduate School's Office of Research and Projects. This $1,500 award is in local (4-ledger) funds, transferred after completion of the Application Procedure described below.
  5. A ll items purchased from the New Faculty Start-Up Funds are the property of SIUE. Laptop computers may be purchased with the Graduate School's share of the Start-Up funds; however, all laptops remain the property of SIUE. Please refer to the Guidelines for allowable and unallowable expenditures below.

Application Procedure

Applicants should complete their portion of the New Faculty Start-Up Funds Application Form below. Requests should then be forwarded to the School or College Dean's Office, then the Provost's Office, then forwarded to the Graduate School. No funds will be transferred to the individual until he/she has created a COS Pivot Profile in the COS database.

Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures

Funds must be used in direct support of the individual's research. However, Start-up funds may not be used for the individual's salary, nor for general office support. All expenditures must be in accordance with University policies and procedures. Costs must meet certain criteria to be considered allowable. Please refer to the Expenditure Guidelines below.

Expenditure Guidelines

Allowable examples:

  1. Salaries of Research Assistants (graduate assistants or student wages)
  2. R esearch equipment;
  3. R esearch related Materials/Supplies;
  4. Costs for patents: unless patent is invalid or has expired;
  5. S pecialized Service Facilities: computer centers, etc.
  6. S hipping and handling costs for research related equipment and supplies: freight, postage, etc.;
  7. T ravel Costs to support research;
  8. P rofessional services, e.g. consulting only if related directly to research project;
  9. R ental of building and equipment necessary for research project operation;
  10. S ubscriptions of professional journals required for research;
  11. R esearch tools, e.g. books and databases.

Unallowable examples:

  1. Faculty and departmental staff salary support;
  2. Other forms of personal compensation;
  3. G eneral public relations and alumni activities;
  4. S tudent Activities unless related to research;
  5. A dvertising not directly related to sponsored project;
  6. F irst class travel costs;
  7. H ousing and personal living expenses;
  8. S cholarships and student aid;
  9. M oving costs;
  10. P ersonal items such as furniture for home offices, regalia, U.S. residency fees;
  11. C ash donations;
  12. S everance pay.

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