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2010 Hoppe Research Professor Award Winner: Andrzej (Andy) Lozowski, Electrical & Computer Engineering "How to Plug In Distributed Energy Resources"

The Graduate School proudly announces Dr. Andrzej (Andy) Lozowski of the SIUE Electrical & Computer Engineering Department as the 2010 recipient of the Hoppe Research Professor award.

The Hoppe Research Professor Awards are made to SIUE faculty members in order to recognize and support individual programs of research or creative activities. These Awards recognize faculty members whose research or creative activities have the promise of making significant contributions to their fields of study. The Hoppe Research Professorship Awards are designed to support a significant and discrete portion of a faculty member's larger research agenda. The Hoppe Research Professor will be appointed for a two-year period.

Dr. Lozowski's research project is titled "How to Plug-In Distributed Energy Resources." Lozowski's research interests include the conversion of energy between new electrical power technologies and existing power grid structures. The Hoppe project proposes to further explore the relationship between power generated by individual "power islands," such as privately-owned windmills or solar panels, and the existing grid. Due to infrastructure design and reluctance on the side of the power industry, the current ability of the power grid to accept power from individual power islands is highly limited and often suppressed. Lozowski's work proposes to develop a "theoretical foundation for the dynamics of the electric grid with island-capable nodes," thus offering to provide new systems technology to enable the conversion of power from individual power islands into the grid. It is Lozowski's hope that this theoretical model and inversion technology will enable the gradual transformation of the grid infrastructure and its incorporation of alternative energy sources. Projected applications include a cooperation with a local green energy firm to provide power inverters with islanding capability to residents in Haiti-potentially the first autonomously distributed grid ever.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Andy Lozowski as the 2010 Hoppe Research Professor!

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