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Announcing the 2014 Paul Simon Outstanding Teacher-Scholar: Dr. Julie Holt, Dept. of Anthropology


The Paul Simon Outstanding Teacher-Scholar award is presented to an SIUE faculty member who has been recognized as an outstanding teacher and research scholar. The awardee demonstrates support for the belief that to be a good teacher, one must also be a good scholar and emphasizes contributions to original research or creative activities and the integration of those contributions with their teaching practices.

Since joining the SIUE faculty in the year 2000, Dr. Holt has distinguished herself as a scholar of the developmental period of North American history, contributing invaluably to archaeological scholarship of prehistoric Native American societies. In 2009, her article, “Rethinking the Ramey State: Was Cahokia the center of a theater state?” was published in American Antiquity, one of the preeminent journals in the field of archaeology. Then, in 2010, she headed a team of SIUE faculty to gain a National Science Foundation-funded Major Research Instrumentation Grant, which included members of SIUE’s Anthropology, Biological Sciences, and Chemistry departments. Perhaps most of all, Dr. Holt has shown a commitment to the ideals of the Simon Award not only through accomplishments in her field, but also in her approach to teaching and research. For Dr. Holt, these two aspects of the teacher-scholar are inextricably linked, as she has constantly shown in the manner of her publishing, the way she has conducted the SIUE archaeological field school and collaborated with students, especially undergraduates. “My students are my most valued colleagues,” she says.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Julie Holt, the 2014 Paul Simon Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award recipient, on her remarkable achievements.

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