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Competitive Applications Resubmission Incentive (CARI)


The CARI program supports research that shows significant potential for external funding and that supports the mission of departments, colleges, and the university. Specifically, CARI provides funding needed for the resubmission of competitive proposals.


Application deadline: N/A-as appropriate with external submission cycles and deadlines.
Deadline to submit external proposal: within one year of CARI award date
Deadline to spend CARI funds: date of proposed external proposal submission


All full-time continuing members of the faculty who have obtained the terminal degree appropriate to the profession and are tenured or tenure-track faculty may apply to the CARI program.  Staff members on continuing appointments who have served as a principal investigator or co-investigator on an externally sponsored project or have a research appointment are also eligible for the CARI program.

A “competitive application” for the purposes of this program is a major, potentially career-enhancing or career-defining full proposal that was submitted to an external funding agency and received high ratings from the funding agency (e.g., primarily “very goods” and “excellents” from NSF-type proposals, or an estimated score of 35 and lower in NIH-type proposals).

CARI support is available for only one re-submission per project; multiple applications for resubmission to the same program that are not distinctly different projects will not be considered. Resubmissions to the CARI program for the same project are not allowed.  A written response to the internal review will be considered only when an applicant believes that the review missed important points that would impact the final decision. 

All applicants must have submitted completed final reports and fulfilled the terms and conditions, including resubmission of the external proposal, of CARI projects previously funded by the SIUE Graduate School. This requirement applies to all PIs and Co-PIs of the previous CARI award.

Award Description

Pending available funds, the anticipated total annual funding available for this program is $60,000.

Maximum funding will be $6,000 per application, except in unusual circumstances, and will be provided for a maximum of one year. The following line items are allowable and must be fully justified in the budget justification: academic year assigned time (course buyout using the call staff rate per course); GA or RA support; undergraduate student support; commodities, contractual services, equipment, travel.

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