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SIUE is proud of the vibrant scholarly, creative and research activity undertaken at every level of the institution, from its faculty and graduate students to the Undergraduate Research Academy. SIUE’s unique research profile includes cutting-edge projects spearheaded by the Illinois Education Research Council, the Institute for Urban Research, National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center, the STEM Institute, as well as the development of innovative community outreach initiatives by the East St. Louis Center.

Mission Statement

The Office of Research and Projects serves as the central resource for research and creative activities of the SIUE community in support of the University’s broader mission. It is committed to the pursuit of collaboration, enrichment of ideas, and excellence. The Office assists faculty in obtaining and administering intramural and extramural support while upholding research and sponsored projects’ compliance with University policies as well as external regulations.

Vision Statement

The SIUE Office of Research and Projects consists of a dynamic team of professionals who continually strive to provide a level of service that rivals that of a research-intensive university but tailored to the unique needs of an emerging research institution.

The Office will:

  • provide high quality service to the SIUE community
  • foster multidisciplinary collaborations between internal and external stakeholders, including international collaborations
  • promote innovation and advancing excellence in research and creative activities
  • assist with translation of research into commercialization
  • adhere to and promote adherence to ethical standards
  • comply with internal and external policies and regulations
  • facilitate scholarly activity and development in a way that encourages an increase in capacity for research and creative activities
  • provide beneficial professional development opportunities to faculty, staff, and students in matters related to research and creative activities
  • continuously improve ORP processes to lead to more effective and efficient services.
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