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What is Limited Submission?

Some programs limit the number of submissions from an institution. When this is the case the university must decide which proposals will go forward and an internal competition is held. To facilitate a fair decision-making process, researchers planning to apply to a limited submissions program are asked to submit a letter of intent to the Office of Research and Projects at least 45 calendar days (6 weeks) in advance of the agency deadline.

Limited Submission Programs
Below is a short list of programs that have historically necessitated internal coordination at SIUE. Note that there are many programs with institutional submission limits. Please be sure to check program guidelines early for any submission limits. The ORP maintains a list of current limited-submission programs for which we have received one or more notifications. For more information, please contact Patience Graybill at

NEH Summer Stipend
NSF MRI Program



For an up-to-date COS Pivot list of limited submission competitions, click here. Accessible through SIUE campus computers. Off-campus, login in through your COS Pivot account for access. Need a COS Pivot account? Visit

If, after the 45-day deadline, the number of notifications for a program exceeds the program's limit, the Associate Dean of the Graduate School will establish a committee to oversee proposal selection. If the number of notifications received by this deadline does not exceed the program limit, the Office of Research and Projects will handle the letters of intent on a first-come, first-accepted basis.

Selection Procedure and Ad-hoc Committee*
Should the Graduate School conclude that an internal competition is necessary, each of the deans from the colleges/ schools with faculty who have expressed interest in an application is asked to submit reviewer recommendations to the Graduate School. Based on these recommendations, the Graduate School then organizes an ad hoc committee. The Graduate School manages the selection process; the Graduate School does not vote. Identities of these individuals remain confidential.

Review Criteria
The ad hoc committee considers primarily two factors: (1) potential for success in the external competition; and (2) broad research impact at SIUE.

*Please note: Individual departments and colleges may have their own internal policies regarding submissions to limited programs. Please be in touch with your department chairs and unit deans as early as possible regarding your grant submissions.

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