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  • Get prior approval on any budget revisions or modifications from the Office of Research and Projects; ORP determines whether agency prior approval for budget revisions are required
  • Do not spend grant funds or generate paperwork to process transactions requiring approval before the approval is granted
  • Minimize the number of budget revisions that have to be performed
  • Keep track of expenses – maintain all documents
  • Don’t purchase equipment or supplies towards the end of the performance period of your grant.  Equipment should be purchased within the first three or four months of the grant start date. Auditors question the benefit of purchases during the last 1-3 months of the grant performance period
  • Purchasing of computers, laptops, IPads specifically for your grant is subject to audit.  Auditors have the ability to check to insure that those computers are expressly used for program related activities and do not include personal or non-grant related applications
  • Don’t send SIUE financial documents to your granting agency (i.e. AIS reports, payroll certifications, etc.)
  • Don’t sign any contracts or agreements; Do not enter into any verbal agreements with vendors, consultants and sub- contractors
  • Don’t spend grant/contract funds after the termination date of your agreement
  • Encumber funds well in advance of the grant/contract termination date.  Funds should not be encumbered during the last month of your grant program
  • Don’t end your grant with a deficit balance
  • If cost sharing is anticipated to cover a portion of the project, make sure that cost sharing expenditures are properly recorded and charged to the designated cost share account reflected on your grant award routing form
  • Don’t cost share if it is not mandated by the grant
  • Submit cost share certifications to ORP at least on a quarterly basis; keep supporting documentation of cost share on file for potential audit review
  • If conducting research with Human Subjects you must obtain IRB approval before research begins
  • Make sure you record time and effort correctly on quarterly Activity Reports and on your monthly Compensated Activity Reports
  • Make sure time and effort committed to the grant is met
  • Prepare personnel contracts (application for appointments, change of assignments, etc.) as soon as you receive your new AIS budget purpose number
  • Avoid transfers of costs as much as possible.  Directly charge and/or allocate expenditures to your grant
  • Make sure any cost transfers/journal entries are performed within 90 days of the date the charge was posted to your grant account
  • Review and reconcile your AIS reports every month
  • Check your AIS report to insure that there are no errors in posting of transactions
  • Call ORP for assistance with any post-award financial or non-financial matters;Use your department’s P-card to purchase supplies and have charges billed directly to the grant account. Always consider cost principals and allowable cost issues when making purchases to the P-card.  If you are unsure, call ORP
  • Do not prepare or submit financial reports to your funding agency.Please call ORP if there are any special considerations in this regard
  • Make sure that any equipment purchased with grant funds is properly tagged and inventoried
  • Understand the programmatic reporting requirements of your grant and file/submit those reports on or before their due dates
  • If needed, request time period extensions from ORP at least 45 days before the termination date of your grant
  • Provide ORP with copies of any communication from and to your funding agency on program  and financial related issues
  • Always maintain documents on any grant related communication and transactions.
  • Do not accept verbal approvals or directives from your funding agency/program officials. 
  • Follow all agency guidelines and university policies and procedures in administering and managing your grant both fiscally and programmatically.
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