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For a definition of "research," visit the Human Subjects Guide.


You must attach the following items when submitting an IRB Protocol Form

Complete IRB Application

You must address all of the items listed in the application form.
Please Note: If you are using audio or video tape recordings of human subjects in interviews, focus groups, or any other method of data collection, you must include a statement in the application and in the consent form that audio or video tapings will be used and that they will be destroyed at the completion of th project.

Certification Training

All researchers must complete the human subjects online certification training. The "CITI Course in the Protection of Human Research Subjects," training site is provide through the University of Miami. Log onto click on the "CITI training site"and follow directions to navigate through the tutorial. At the end you will receive a certificate of completion. Submit a copy of this certificate with the "Application for Approval of Research Projects Involving Human Subjects.

Research Project Documentation

Attach a copy of all survey instruments, interview questions, advertisements, etc. that you plan to use in your research.

Research Involving the Use of Medical Records

If you are using any individually identifiable health information, such as medical records, you must list in the application the name of the institution that will be providing you access to these records and provide the SIUE IRB proof of their compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Letter of Permission

If you are doing research with hospital patients, children in the classroom, elderly patients in nursing homes, or any research involving other vulnerable populations, you must submit a letter of permission from the institution where you will do your research. The letter must be on the institution's letterhead and the letter must state that they are aware of your research and that they are giving their approval for you to do your research at their institution.

Informed Consent Document

You must include a copy of your informed consent document . Please refer to the "Instructions for the Preparation of Your "Acknowledgement of Informed Consent" Document using the "Informed Consent" documents on the informed consent webpage.

IMPORTANT: You must list in your consent form contact information that includes name, e-mail address and phone number for you and your faculty advisor (if you are a student). You must also include the SIUE IRB's contact information in the consent form (It should be worded as follows: If you have any questions about your rights or any other concerns, you may also contact the SIUE Institutional Review Board at (618) 650-2958 or

Note: If you are collecting data using only a survey instrument, it is possible that you may not be required to provide an informed consent form. Please contact Linda Skelton at (618) 650-2958 or for more information concerning this possible exemption.

Submit completed application to:

Graduate Studies and Research
Campus Box 1046
Attention: Linda Skelton

You must allow 3 to 4 weeks for the processing of this application through the IRB review process.

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