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Office of Research and Projects
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Organizational Chart

Mission Statement

The Office of Research and Projects serves as the central resource for research and creative activities of the SIUE community in support of the University’s broader mission. It is committed to the pursuit of collaboration, enrichment of ideas, and excellence. The Office assists faculty in obtaining and administering intramural and extramural support while upholding research and sponsored projects’ compliance with University policies as well as external regulations.

Vision Statement

The SIUE Office of Research and Projects consists of a dynamic team of professionals who continually strive to provide a level of service that rivals that of a research-intensive university but tailored to the unique needs of an emerging research institution. The Office will:
• provide high quality service to the SIUE community
• foster multidisciplinary collaborations between internal and external stakeholders, including international collaborations
• promote innovation and advancing excellence in research and creative activities
• assist with translation of research into commercialization
• adhere to and promote adherence to ethical standards
• comply with internal and external policies and regulations
• facilitate scholarly activity and development in a way that encourages an increase in capacity for research and creative activities
• provide beneficial professional development opportunities to faculty, staff, and students in matters related to research and creative activities
• continuously improve ORP processes to lead to more effective and efficient services.

Pre-Award/ Proposal Development
Post-Award/ Grant Management
Internal Research Funding
Ethical Compliance
Intellectual Property

The Graduate School's Office of Research & Projects (ORP) facilitates and manages faculty and staff research activities at SIUE. ORP Pre-Award personnel assist in proposal preparation, meeting agency deadlines for proposal submission, approval of human subjects and animal care research protocols, and dissemination of funding agency information, as well as manage various internal research competitions and funding sources.

The Post-Award function of the office oversees the post-award funding and the handling of required fiscal reports to the funding, governmental and other agencies. Personnel also work with the faculty and staff on managing their funding for research and other projects.

The following list has been compiled to assist you in contacting the individual(s) you need to help with your research or other projects. You can e-mail questions to the contact in your specific area, or call the Graduate School's main number: (618) 650-3010.

Pre-Award Functions: Susan Morgan, Teri Gulledge, Patience Graybill

  • Assist with proposal budget preparation
  • Check proposals for compliance
  • Obtain administrative approvals
  • Copy and send proposal to agency
  • Assist in external and internal funding proposal preparation by editing and consulting with faculty and staff
  • Work with R&D Committee and RPAB on various programs
  • Collect, analyze and distribute funding agency materials and related information
  • Develop and set up faculty development initiatives (i.e. proposal writing workshops, etc.)
  • Assist faculty and staff in the creation of a COS expertise profile
  • Help faculty and staff set up funding searches
Internal Research Funding: Patience Graybill

Post-Award Functions: Ryan Dodd, David Bray, Gail Munneke, Trisha Simmons, Tammy Smart
  • Establish new grants and contracts accounts
  • Mange databases for awarded grants and contracts
  • Mange post-award functions on grants and contracts
  • Work with PIs/Project Directors and staff to track the fiscal side of awards
  • Produce required reports on grant fiscal matters
  • Ensure funding agency terms and conditions are met, in terms of fiscal and compliance requirements and reports
  • Coordinate internal and external compliance and financial audits on grants
  • Prepare preliminary agreements and contracts, and prepare and monitor subrecipient contracts
  • Provide assistance as resources for Federal and State regulations, as applicable to externally-funded programs
  • Work with Change of Assignment, Application for Appointment and Graduate Assistant appointments
Coordination of Required Reviews: Linda Skelton
  • Human subjects research
  • Care and use of animals
  • Use of biohazardous materials
  • Actual or potential conflicts of interest
  • Export controls
  • Ethics/misconduct in research

Intellectual Property: Susan Morgan

Publications: Patience Graybill
  • The SIUE Researcher, electronic newsfeed
  • Research & Creative Activities Magazine
  • Graduate School Website(s)
  • Office of Research and Projects Website
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