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Student Nurse Achievement Program (SNAP)

The federally funded SIUE School of Nursing's Student Nurse Achievement Program (SNAP) is designed to recruit racially, ethnically and culturally diverse high school graduates interested in pursuing a bachelor of science degree in nursing. Students are recruited from educationally underserved circumstances that limit opportunities for successful post-secondary education.

Students are our number one priority. Beginning in their freshman year, SNAP students receive faculty and peer support through mentorship programs, remediation and study groups. School of Nursing faculty advise and monitor student progress throughout the program, promoting academic and personal success.

Nursing Circle, the social/academic component of SNAP, allows students to plan and participate in social activities and community service opportunities throughout their time with the School of Nursing.

For details, contact Natasha Smith at 618-650-5959 or nmatkin@siue.edu.

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Grant Awarded 


  • Recruit and support eligible high school students as well as collegiate pre- nursing students who want a career in nursing, through the application process and the freshman curricula.
  • Increase the numbers of students from culturally diverse, disadvantaged backgrounds entering the School of Nursing.
  • Increase the numbers of diverse professional nurses who return to their community of origin to work in the health care facilities in their community.


  • Provide an array of academic, professional, and personal enrichment seminars and programs that will alleviate the effects of social determinants of health and enable disadvantaged/minority, sophomore through senior year nursing students, to successfully progress through and graduate from the BSN nursing program at SIUE.
  • Provide stipends and scholarships to alleviate the financial burdens that prevent or delay disadvantaged/minority students from completing their BSN degree.

Student Success

Jessica Cipus Pierre, senior
"I’ve always wanted to be a nurse because I love to take care of people. While working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), I thought that I could do more for my patients if I had more power like a nurse. The resources that SNAP offers are helping me to develop that power."

Carolita Holmes, junior
"Having people to encourage you makes you successful; and those involved with SNAP do just that."

Alex Brooks, '11
"After graduation I felt prepared to seek a job because SNAP motivated me to rise above the challenges that were in front of me and do what I needed to do in order to find a job. I learned to always strive for more." 

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