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Tia Borders-Baptist - Kankakee, Ill.

For as long as she can remember, Tia Borders-Baptist has wanted to be a nurse. As a senior in the nursing program at SIUE, her dream is within reach thanks to excellent classroom and lab experiences and the support of experienced faculty members.

"Here at SIUE, I'm getting so many great hands-on experiences that I feel like I'm already living my dream," said Tia. "My education is preparing me for real medical situations, so I know there will be few surprises once I begin working professionally. I really appreciate that about the nursing program at SIUE."

One of Tia's favorite parts of the SIUE School of Nursing is the wide variety of clinical sites she has been able to visit and learn from. The pediatric clinical site has been the most inspiring for Tia, and she hopes to become a pediatric nurse after she graduates.

Tia has also been inspired by Assistant Professor Ann Shelton, her faculty mentor. "Ann has helped me so much through difficult projects and assignments," Tia said. "All of the faculty members are so supportive. They want you to come to their office hours if you need help."

Supportive faculty members and cutting-edge classroom and lab facilities helped make Tia's choice to come to SIUE an easy one. The beauty of campus and affordable tuition were just added benefits that she says made SIUE stand out to her among other schools she considered.

"I was really concerned about the expenses of college," Tia said. "I thought it was going to be so expensive and that I would have to take out a lot of loans. It has been the total opposite at SIUE. I also know that I am in a great program, and I know I will find a good job after I graduate."

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