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August 26, 2003

SIUE And Edwardsville Merchants Extend A Welcome

SIUE and area merchants are in the midst of welcoming back new and returning students who began arriving on campus last week.

As part of the festivities, Welcome Week is in full swing, culminating Friday with the Fourth Annual Welcome Back Block Party in downtown Edwardsville.

A schedule of Welcome Week activities, with its theme of SIUE: The True Story of 13,000 Students, may be found on the official Web site:

Some 2,000 guests attended the New Freshman Convocation and Orientation program Saturday, Aug. 21, in the Vadalabene Center.

In addition, SIUE Admissions and Academic Marketing staff distributed "Welcome SIUE Students" signs to businesses in the Edwardsville-Glen Carbon area.

The annual Block Party is scheduled from 6 p.m.-midnight Friday in the 100 blocks of St. Louis Street and Second Street, adjacent to the Madison County Courthouse. The event, with its theme of Rock the Block, will feature live music performed by the band, Son of Glam, and a deejay from Z107.7-FM, as well as food and beverages from popular Edwardsville restaurants and other organizations.

More than 2,500 SIUE students and residents of the community are expected to attend.

Lindsay Research Professor, Sixth Hoppe Research Professor Announced

Stephen Hansen, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, recently announced recipients of two prestigious awards.

The first recipient of the Vaughnie J. Lindsay Research Professor Award is Margaret Simons, professor of Philosophy, for her studies in the life of Simone de Beauvoir, a noted 20th Century philosopher and feminist.

The sixth recipient of the Hoppe Research Professor Award, chosen in this fifth year of the award, is Carole Frick, associate professor of Historical Studies for her research on the gender issues/material culture of 15th-century Italy and the socio-economic impact of the cloth/clothing industry on the inhabitants of the city of Florence.

The Vaughnie J. Lindsay Research Professor Award was created to honor Emerita Professor Lindsay, who served as the dean of Graduate Studies and Research from 1973-1986 and who began the strong support of faculty research that continues today. The award is funded by private donations from faculty and emeritus faculty and by the SIUE Graduate School; the schools of Business, Dental Medicine, Education, Engineering, and Nursing; and the College of Arts and Sciences

The Hoppe Research Professor Award is partially made possible through an endowment established by the late Joseph W. Hoppe, who was originally from Carlinville. He created this endowment with the SIUE Foundation because he believed in the university's mission, including the value of faculty research. The program is funded by the Hoppe Faculty Research Endowment; the SIUE Graduate School; the schools of Business, Dental Medicine, Education, Engineering, and Nursing; and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Both the Lindsay and the Hoppe Research Professor Awards are programs for SIUE faculty to recognize and support individual agendas of research or creative activities. These awards recognize faculty members on continuing full-time appointments, whose research or creative activities have the promise of making significant contributions to their fields of study. Recipients are expected to produce published scholarly works and to submit externally-sponsored grants.

For her research, Simons' work will be delineated by the texts included in the upcoming seven-volume Beauvoir Series, which Simons is co-editing with Sylvie Le Bon de Beauvoir. With this series, Simons and a team of scholars are dismantling the translation barrier to the French philosopher's work.. During her two years as a Lindsay Research Professor, Simons will focus on two themes-a literary-philosophical methodology based on Beauvoir's lived experience and a problem termed by Beauvoir as "the problem of the Other." Simons' specific objectives are to complete her analysis of Beauvoir's early philosophy in the second volume of her student diary (1928-30) and, based on her analysis of Beauvoir's early philosophy, to trace the development of Beauvoir's literary-philosophical methodology and her formulation of the problem of "the Other" in representative texts.

Frick's research examines various dimensions of female public activity (in work, ritual, and material culture) from the time period of the 15th Century, concentrating on the Renaissance urban center of Florence and its Tuscan environs-Fiesole, Prato, and Settignano. By approaching the economic practices and societal structures of this early modern period with an eye toward discovering the differences inherent in their particular configurations, Frick plans to uncover the way in which a socially-embedded economy used the productivity of its women before the advent of Capitalistic gender and class polarization.

In her work, Frick states that a more detailed investigation of the socio-economic structure of this city, including attention to the artifacts of its material culture, will yield intriguing new information that needs to be integrated into the historical narrative to help scholars understand how things worked in a city in which, some have argued, the first glimmerings of modern Western consciousness began. Frick's research will be part of a book she is writing, Performing the Feminine, which extends her investigations that began in her previous book, Dressing Renaissance Florence: Families, Fortunes and Fine Clothing (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003).

These Professorships are unlike other university awards. They are designed to support a significant portion of a faculty member's larger research agenda. Simons and Frick will be appointed for a two-year period, during which time they each will receive 50 percent assigned time for research each academic year, the services of a one-quarter time graduate assistant (for nine months per year), and $1,000 in support lines.

The current Hoppe Research Professor, whose professorship ended June 30th, is Urszula Ledzewicz, professor Mathematics and Statistics, for her research in the application of optimal control theory to chemotherapy treatments for cancer and for the human immunodeficiency virus.

Meet The New Faculty

Gillian Acheson, Geography, received a master's from the University of Delaware and her doctorate from Texas A&M University. Recent articles include "An Investigation of Secondary Science Teachers' Use of GIS in the Classroom" published in Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE). Scholarly interests include geographic learning and education. She enjoys reading, cooking, and hiking.

Tongele Alakebanga, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, received a doctorate from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. His dissertation topic was "Finite Element and Experimental Analysis of Wave Propagation in Conical Periodic Structures." Scholarly interests include system dynamics, system design, and optimization and the theory of elasticity. He enjoys jogging, drumming, and comedy.

Melissa Bergstrom, Special Education and Communication Disorders, received a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Oregon. Her dissertation topic was "Helping School Staff to Support Children with Behavior Challenges." Her scholarly interests include educational systems reform, positive behavior support, and consultation. She enjoys running, hiking, and cycling.

Noell Birondo, Philosophy, is a 2004 graduate of the University of Notre Dame. Forthcoming publications include "Moral Realism Without Values" in the Journal of Philosophical Research. He is also published in Ancient Philosophy, "Aristotle on Illusory Perception."

Marie Byrd-Blake, Educational Leadership, earned a doctorate in Education at Florida International University. Her dissertation topic was "A Study of the Differences Among African-American, Hispanic, and Anglo Women on the Perceived Barriers and Strategies to Career Development in Public School Administration." Scholarly interests include gender issues in leadership, instructional leadership, and teaching diversity through instructional technology. She enjoys exercise and sporting activities.

Stephen Blythe, Computer Science, received a doctorate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. His dissertation topic was "Design Space Exploration in High Level Synthesis." Current scholarly interests include electronic design and automation, distributed computing, and computer science education. Stephen enjoys baseball/softball and ballroom dancing.

Michael Burke, English Language and Literature, received a master's from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His thesis topic was "The Civil War in the Fiction of Howells, James, and Twain." His scholarly interests include early U.S. Army-sponsored art history. He enjoys volunteering for the USO at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and at the Old Cathedral in St. Louis.

Joanne Cattafesta, Speech Communication, earned a master's at Rutgers University. Her article, "Applying Communication Theories to Prevent Dangerous Drinking Among College Students: The RU SURE Campaign," was published in Communication Studies. Joanne enjoys spinning, cooking, and travel.

Susan Claflin, Special Education and Communication Disorders, received a doctorate from the University of Kansas. Her dissertation topic was "The Efficacy of Using Technology to Provide Staff Development on Research-Based Practices." Current scholarly interests include developmentally appropriate early childhood practices. Susan enjoys travel and hand crafts.

Dean Cody, Lovejoy Library, Technical and Access Services, received a doctorate from Saint Louis University and master's in Library and Information Science from the University of Missouri at Columbia. His dissertation topic was "Kant's doctrine of the Multiplicity of Methods." Scholarly interests include patron use of online services, licensing of online resources, and librarianship and health care ethics. He enjoys gardening, golf and exercise.

Patricia Fazzone, School of Nursing, received a doctorate of Nursing Science from Rush University. Her dissertation topic was "Caring for Abused and Neglected Children on Inpatient Psychiatric Units: A Cross Sectional Ethnography." Her current scholarly interests include diabetics, depression, and substance abuse.

Connie Frey, Sociology and Criminal Justice, received a master's from Middle Tennessee State University and her doctorate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her dissertation topic was "Jane Addams on Peace, Crime, and Religion: The Beginnings of a Modern Day Peace Making Criminology." Her publications include "The State of Women in the Geosciences" in Geotimes. Her scholarly interests include the history of Sociology and Feminist Pragmatism. She enjoys reading, sewing, gardening, and cooking.

Kay Gaehle, School of Nursing, received a doctorate at Saint Louis University. Her dissertation topic was "A Conceptual Understanding of Breast Cancer Detection Practices of Women 65-84 Years of Age." Her scholarly interests include breast cancer detection in older women and the use of medication safety technology in acute care settings. She enjoys reading fiction.

Hernando Garcia, Physics, earned both a master's and a doctorate at Rutgers University. His dissertation topic was "Non-liner Refractive Index in Optical Fibers and Semiconductor Films." His scholarly interests include nonlinear optics. He enjoys music.

Jack Glassman, Physics, earned a master's and a doctorate at the University of New Mexico. His scholarly interests include optical parametric amplification of signals for use in interferometry.

Chris Glosser, Physics, received at doctorate at Michigan State University. His scholarly interests include particle physics, computational physics and biophysics. He enjoys chess, computers, biking, and films.

Shelly Goebl-Parker, Art & Design, received a certificate in Art Psychotherapy and a master's in Social Work, both at Washington University. Her dissertation topic was "Transitional Objects and Potential Space in Art Therapy." She has presented "Artica: An Urban Wilderness Program for Day Treatment Youth." She presented "Art Therapy at Edgewood Children's Center" at the Maryville University Music Therapy Symposium. Her scholarly interests include documentation and facilitating art process as practiced in the Reggio Emilia Municipal schools. She enjoys gardening, knitting, and playing with her children.

Michael Grossman, Geography, earned a doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His dissertation topic was "Climate Change, Typhoons, Climatic Change, Japan." His scholarly interests include floods, typhoons, and climate change in Japan. He practices Aikido (Japanese martial art).

Gireesh Gupchup, School of Pharmacy, received a doctorate at Purdue University. His dissertation topic was "Pharmacists' Job Stress as a Transaction and a Process." He has authored 27 peer reviewed publications since 1990. Scholarly interests include the study of processes and outcomes of innovative pharmacy services. He enjoys golf, racquetball, soccer, and family.

Laura Hanson, Theatre and Dance, earned a doctorate at New York University. Her dissertation topic was "Elements of Modernism in the Musicals of Stephen Sondheim." She recently contributed an article, "Biography of Playwright James Lapine" to the Dictionary of Literary Biographies. Her scholarly interests include the history and evolution of musical theatre, as well as theatre design, and the works of composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim. She enjoys travel, snorkeling, baking, and reading.

Joshua Hileman, Computer Management and Information Systems, received a master of science in mathematics from SIUE. His thesis topic was "The Schwarz Information Criterion in the Logistic Regression Setting."

Susan Hume, Geography, received a doctorate from the University of Oregon. Her recent publications include "Belgian Settlement and Society in the Indiana Rust Belt" in the Geographical Review. Scholarly interests are ethnic geography, U.S. immigration, and geographic education. Susan enjoys swimming, cooking, cycling, and listening to world music.

Kimberly Hurley, Kinesiology and Health Education, received a master of science from Western Illinois University. Scholarly interests include physical activity contributors in older adults-motives and barriers, and physical self perceptions and self esteem. She enjoys running, cycling, cribbage, reading, writing, and poetry.

Luci Kohn, Biological Sciences, received a doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her dissertation topic was "A Genetic Study of Craniofacial Growth Using Finite Element Methods." Her scholarly interests include inheritance of complex traits, genetics, and evolution of morphology. She enjoys hiking and cooking.

Mark Luer, School of Pharmacy, received a doctorate from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. His current scholarly interests include blood-brain barrier drug transport. He enjoys fishing and coaching youth soccer.

Donna Mickens, Management and Marketing, received master's in Counseling from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Her thesis topic was "Professional Identity Development of Biracial Adults in Corporate Settings." Scholarly interests include the study of differences of family-owned businesses in implementing policy and managing employees. She enjoys designing and creating sugar sculptures.

Peter Minchin, Biological Sciences, received a doctorate in Botany from the University of Tasmania. His dissertation topic was "A Comparative Evaluation of Techniques for Ecological Ordination Using Simulated Vegetation Data." His scholarly interests include the development of robust methods for analysis of community change, with applications in conservation biology and restoration ecology. He also enjoys cooking, reading English and Spanish literature, hiking and camping, music, and playing bridge.

Linda Morice, Educational Leadership, received a doctorate at Saint Louis University. Her dissertation topic was "Empowerment and the North Central Outcomes Accreditation Model: a Study of Teachers in Five Schools." Scholarly interests include performance evaluations, school district governance, and the history of education. Linda enjoys local history and genealogy.

Mona Musa, Mathematics and Statistics, earned a doctorate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her dissertation topic was "Dihedral Codes and the Double Circulant Conjecture for Binary Extended Quadratic Residue Codes." This one-time Fulbright Scholar has research interests that include coding theory, algebra, and computer algebra systems. Mona was a Fulbright Scholar.

Anne Perry, School of Nursing, received her doctorate in Education from SIUE. Publications include "The Development and Testing of the PATCOA to Assess Pain in Confused Older Adults" in Pain Management Nursing. Her interests include research about weaning from mechanical ventilation and nursing language classifications. Anne enjoys quilting and volunteers for the American Lung Association of Missouri.

Therese Poirier, School of Pharmacy, received a doctorate in Pharmacy at the University of Michigan and an MPH at the University of Pittsburgh. Her dissertation topic was "Utilization of Drug Information Resources." Her scholarly interests include use of technology and active learning to stimulate student learning. Therese enjoys showing her Shetland sheepdogs.

Brenda Rayco, Mathematics and Statistics, received a doctorate from the University Florida. Her dissertation topic was "Algorithmic Approaches to Aggregation for Location Models." Scholarly interests include test problem generation for set partitioning problems, multistage stochastic programming, and location models. She also enjoys outdoor activities and reading.

Jennifer Rehg, Anthropology, earned a doctorate at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Recent publications include "Habitat Preferences of Three New World Monkeys." Scholarly interests include behavior and ecology of neo-tropical primates, conservation and rainforest communities, and gregariousness of primates.

Leslie Reynard, Speech Communication, received a doctorate at the University of Kansas. Her dissertation topic was "Presidential Rhetoric." Scholarly interests include presidential rhetoric, political communication, and image management/ restoration. Leslie enjoys raising Irish Setters, painting, print making, and fiction writing.

Ena Rose-Green, Accounting, received a doctorate at Florida State University. One of Ena's publications includes "Strategic Bankruptcies and Price Reactions to Bankruptcy Filings" in the Journal of Business Finance and Accounting. Her scholarly interests include the association between bankruptcy and financial restatements. She enjoys tennis and reading.

Rita Sander, School of Nursing, earned a doctorate in the philosophy of Nursing at Saint Louis University. Her dissertation topic was "Measurement of Functional Status in the Spinal Cord Injured Patient." Current scholarly interests include trauma/disaster spinal cord injuries-outcome measures and planning. She enjoys cooking and sewing.

Cynthia Schossberger, Philosophy, earned a master's at Tufts University and her doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys working for adult literacy as well as rollerblading with her dog.

Dan Segrist, Psychology, received his doctorate from SIU Carbondale. His dissertation topic was "Alcohol Refusal in Adolescent Males." Current scholarly interests include alcohol and drug use in adolescents and college students. He enjoys reading and spending time with his family.

Nahid Shabestary, Chemistry, who has been an instructor here for several years, received a doctorate from Michigan State University. Her dissertation was "Excited State Proton Transfer." Current scholarly interests are molecular Spectroscopy and Heterogeneous Catalysis. She enjoys walking, hiking, and volleyball.

Elizabeth Sherwood, Curriculum and Instruction, earned a doctorate in Education at Illinois State University. Her dissertation topic was "Public School Pre-Kindergarten Teachers and the Illinois Early Learning Standards: Teacher Response to Initial Implementation." Scholarly interests include early childhood curriculum and early childhood trends and history.

Douglas Simms, Foreign Languages and Literature, earned a doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin. His dissertation topic was "Comparative Study of Early Medieval Germanic Poetry." Scholarly interests include Viking poetry and Old Saxon poetry. He enjoys cooking and biking.

Michael Skelly, Psychology, earned a doctorate at Binghamton University. His dissertation topic was "Phonological Consistency Effects Between Primes and Targets in the Delayed-Letter Paradigm." Current scholarly interests include visual and spoken word recognition. He enjoys playing bass, singing, songwriting, volleyball and exercising.

John Smith, Kinesiology and Health Education, received a doctorate from Texas Women's University. His dissertation topic was "Assessment of Physical Activity Levels of 3rd and 4th Grade Children Using Pedometers During Physical Education." A recent publication includes "Biomechanical and Physiological Responses while Running with a Stroller." Scholarly interests include effects of anaerobic fatigue on fine motor skills, and health variable and cardio-respiratory fitness.

G. Stacy Staples, Mathematics, earned a doctorate at SIU Carbondale. His dissertation topic was "Clifford Algebras, Combinations, and Stochastic Processes." Current scholarly interests include stochastic processes on algebraic structures. He enjoys music and reading.

Pantipa Tachawachira, Management and Marketing, is completing a dissertation about "The Influence of National Culture on the Knowledge Transfer in Cross-Boarder Acquisitions: A Longitudinal Analysis." She expects to graduate from the University of Washington. Scholarly interests include multinational corporate strategy, international expansion, organizational learning, knowledge transfer, technological innovation, and cross cultural studies.

Dennis Taylor, Art and Design, received a master's and a doctorate from Syracuse University. His dissertation was "Inclusive Schooling in Secondary Art Education." Current scholarly interests include community art projects that deal with masking tape and situations of students with ADD/ADHD in block scheduled art classes. Dennis enjoys cooking, hiking, gardening, and museums.

Charles Thornton, School of Dental Medicine, earned a DMD at Washington University and a master of science in Orthodontics at Saint Louis University. He was selected for fellowship in the American College of Dentists in 2004. Scholarly interests include clinical orthodontic growth, treatment, timing, and pre-doctoral orthodontic curriculum content. He enjoys Tai Chi Chuan and reading.

Jeffrey VanCleave, Speech Communications, earned a doctorate at the University of Kansas. His most recent presentation/publication was "The Oxymoron of the Global Community: Globalization, Communication, and Community" at the International Communication Association Convention. Scholarly interests include social movements, and the rhetoric of sports. Jeffrey enjoys cooking, travel, and sports.

Cory Willmott, Cultural Anthropology and Museum Studies, received a doctorate from McMaster's University. Recent publications include "The Leas of Science: Anthropometric Photography and the Chippewa, 1890-1920" in Visual Anthropology. Scholarly interests include museum anthropology and visual anthropology. She also enjoys photography, beadwork, and Scottish country dancing.

Yun Lu, Chemistry, earned a doctorate at Nankai University. His dissertation topic was "Kinetics, Thermodynamics and Mechanisms of NADH Model Mediated Organic Reactions." His scholarly interests include organic and enzymatic reaction mechanistic studies. He enjoys swimming, playing ping-pong, reading, and watching NBA games.

Spring Green Lodge And Conference Center To Be Constructed In U. Park

Ground was broken last week for the much anticipated Spring Green Lodge and Conference Center to be constructed in University Park near its entrance to Illinois 157.

The hotel and conference center complex, expected to open in summer or fall of next year, will be the Edwardsville area's first upscale hotel and conference center. Among the speakers at the groundbreaking were developer William L. Shaw and SIUE Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift, as well as Edwardsville and Madison County officials.

The lodge, which will feature a permanent exhibit of drawings and photographs of noted American architects, reflects an alliance with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The permanent exhibit will have special emphasis on the works of Wright and Louis H. Sullivan, who gave Wright his first job in 1887. The University Museum at SIUE maintains the largest collection of Sullivan architectural ornament in the world.

Spring Green Lodge will exhibit reproductions of some of the more than 20,000 drawings, photographs, murals, watercolors, and other historical material spanning Wright's 70-year career as America's premier architect. "One of the missions of Spring Green," Shaw said, "is to create an inspirational display of architecture. It is intended to heighten awareness of the importance of architecture to society.

"We hope this educational agenda will inspire young people to pursue art, architecture, design, and engineering as a career."

Shaw said it is his intent to honor Wright by infusing many design and architectural concepts within the lodge, reflecting Wright's legacy. "These ideas will be evident in the exterior and interior design of the hotel public areas," Shaw said. "The color palette of the interior will be 'Wright-ian' and create a lodging experience that feels like a walk through the forest in autumn."

In addition to SIUE's Sullivan collection pieces, Pre-Columbian ceramics and antiquities also will be displayed in the hotel's exhibit areas. The lodge also will be highlighted by a mezzanine displaying some of the exhibits and a first-floor Wright Library with book about architecture. This area also will be used for reading, business tasks, and relaxation.

Also featured will be a great room with a massive stone fireplace and intimate seating, a dining area with a fireplace, extensive outdoor decks and patios, and a conference center for up to 300 attendees on the lower level of the facility.

A lodging tower-with 54 upscale, suite-style rooms-will include 12 conference suites for up to 18 attendees per suite. Brian Donnelly, executive director of University Park, said the Spring Green project is welcomed by the university as a valuable asset, providing needed lodging and meeting space for the university and its student body, for companies located in the research park, and for communities throughout the area.

Former Cougar Called Up By Orioles

Former SIUE baseball standout Aaron Rakers (Trenton) has been called up to the major leagues by the Baltimore Orioles.

SIUE Coach Gary Collins said he received a phone call from his former player. "He called me to let me know he got called up- that he was on his way to Baltimore," Collins said. "I'm glad he is getting his chance at the big leagues. He's been successful at every level he has played."

Rakers most recently has played for the Ottawa Lynx, the AAA affiliate for the Orioles. Rakers has been playing in the minor leagues since leaving SIUE in 1999.

At SIUE, Rakers posted a 16-7 record during the 1998 and 1999 seasons. His 192 strikeouts is fourth on SIUE's all-time list. He became the first person in school history to record 100 or more strikeouts in a season when he fanned 109 in 1999. Dave Crouthers, who also is playing in the minor leagues with the Orioles, later broke the record with 118 in 2001.

The Orioles officially listed Rakers in the major league transactions as having purchased his contract from Ottawa and transferring outfielder Jerry Hairston Jr. to the 15-day disabled list.

Rakers is the third player in school history to make a major league roster. Dennis Werth played four seasons with the New York Yankees and the Kansas City Royals from 1979 to 1982. Champ Summers came up with the Oakland Athletics in 1974 and went on to play for six different teams in an 11-year career.

SIUE's Pacheco Receives Honor

Sophomore forward Victor Pacheco (Sao Luis, Brazil ) was named offensive Most Valuable Players at the UW-Parkside Men's Soccer Puma Classic as the SIUE men's soccer team earned a split, defeating Gannon 5-0 and falling to sixth-ranked Findlay 2-1 over the weekend.

Pacheco recorded three goals and one assist in Saturday's (9/4) romp of Gannon, and he followed that up with an assist in the loss to Findlay. "Victor came up big with the three goals," said SIUE coach Ed Huneke. "The nature of them (goals) I was impressed with because (they were) more on placement than power."

Junior midfielder Pete Cacciatore (St. Louis), also named to the all-tournament team, came up big for the Cougars netting a goal and an assist. "He continues to be dangerous," Huneke said. "Teams are starting to focus on him."

Along with Cacciatore, junior captain Brian Higgins (St. Louis) and sophomore backer John Mathews (Edwardsville) were named to the all-tournament team.

The Cougars have a record of 3-1 on the year after the win over Gannon and loss to Findlay. "They (Findlay) designed a game plan that we knew eventually we would be seeing from people," Huneke said. "They packed it in and played a very defensive game.

We have to learn how to deal with teams that play that way because we are going to see it some more."

The Cougars will be at home on Friday (9/10) to face the Miners of Missouri-Rolla at 7 p.m. before traveling to face Ashland (Ohio) on Sunday (9/12) at 3 p.m.

Women's Soccer Steps Up The Defense

Even though the SIUE women's soccer team split the two games it played this past weekend, Coach Lynda Bowers was very pleased with the way her team played defensively.

The Cougars picked up their first win of the season on Friday (9/3) 2-0 over West Virginia Wesleyan. SIUE outshot the Wildcast 26-6.

"I thought we played very well," said Bowers. "It was good for us to redefine our team's shape by giving us practice on how to do the right things."

Senior forward Ann Crawford (St. Louis) recorded both of the Cougars' goals in the contest. "The fact that she put two (goals) away really builds her confidence," said Bowers. "It (also) builds the team's confidence in her."

After defeating West Virginia Wesleyan, SIUE came home and lost a tough 1-0 battle with 10th-ranked Grand Valley State. The Cougars outshot the Lakers 16-5 for the game. "I felt like we controlled the entire game," Bowers said. "We really put forth a huge effort and our girls didn't back down for one minute."

Stepping up for the Cougars over the weekend were several players, including junior Lindsay Kampwerth (Highland), senior Christen Carducci (Powell, Ohio), and junior Kelly Dill (Florissant, Mo.), who recorded an assist against West Virginia Wesleyan and sophomore forward Kayla Fromme (New Berlin). "Those girls are really going to frustrate some teams," Bowers said.

SIUE travels to play Mercyhurst on Friday (9/10) in Ashland, Ohio, at 2 p.m. The Cougars follow that up with a contest against Ashland on Sunday (9/12) at 1 p.m.

Women's Tennis Continues Road Swing

Even though the SIUE women's tennis team lost three matches over the weekend, coach Bill Logan still had a lot of positives to look at. "It was a tough couple of matches," he said.

"We had tough competition."

The Cougars played three Great Lakes Valley Conference matches in two days. SIUE lost to Bellarmine 6-3 on Friday (9/3) with No. 3 singles Allison Coats (Belleville), No. 4 singles Lisa Warner (Arlington Heights), and No. 5 singles Celia Montes (Chicago) all picking up wins.

On Saturday (9/4), the Cougars fell to Indianapolis 5-0.

"Indianapolis is probably the toughest team in the conference," Logan said.

SIUE then traveled to Northern Kentucky where they fell to the Norse 8-1. "The bright side to that match was my No. 1 player won," he said.

Chrissy Yingst (Belleville) defeated NKU's Laura Lipsinger, 3-6, 6-4, 10-4 for SIUE's only point. The Cougars will be back on the road on Friday (9/10) at St. Joseph's at 3 p.m. SIUE travels to Lewis on Saturday (9/11) for a match at 9 a.m.

Cross Country Set For Bradley Invitational

SIUE cross country got off to a good start this past weekend at the Cougar/Bearcat Challenge at the SIUE cross country course.

The men's cross country team had a good showing at the challenge, finishing first overall in the 6,000-meter race. Junior Brian Taghon (East Moline) led the way for the Cougars by finishing second in the competition with a time of 27 minutes, 31.78 seconds.

Following just 18 seconds behind was senior Ryan Boyll (Normal) who finished with a time of 27:49.93 seconds. Junior Trae Cotner (Springfield) finished seventh for SIUE, and junior Justin Crain (McLeansboro) and Brian Getz (East Moline) finished 13th and 14th, respectfully.

On the women's side, SIUE finished in second place in the 5,000-meter event as a team. Senior Mary Witte (Normal) led the way with a fourth-place finish in 20:18.79. Junior Heather Zipparro (Mt. Prospect), and sophomores Priscilla Rahn (East Alton) and Natalie Aschim (Rockford) rounded out the Cougars top-20 finish.

The men's and women's cross country teams will travel to Peoria for the Bradley Invitational on Friday (9/10).

Volleyball Heads To West Virginia

SIUE's volleyball team started out the weekend the way they planned, with a pair of five-game wins over Northwest Missouri State and Emporia State on Friday (9/10) evening at the Ramada Inn-vitatonal Tournament in St. Joseph, Mo., but the tournament didn't finish quite the way they had hoped.

The Cougars lost a pair of four-game matches on Saturday (9/4) against Missouri Western and Pittsburg State, falling to 6-3 on the season.

Shannon Winkler (Germantown) led the way for the Cougars, who were named to the all-tournament team, with 42 kills and 50 digs.

SIUE's best match was the battle with Emporia State as the Cougars fell behind 2-1, losing games one and three. They would win game four 30-22, and, after falling behind 8-3 in Game Five, SIUE finished off an comeback with a 15-13 win.

Junior Heather Bonde (Millstadt) had a solid performance with 71 kills during the four matches including a career-high 21-kill performance against Missouri Western. Junior libero Allison Buss (Towanda) recorded 93 digs for the tournament including 26 against Missouri Western. Junior Tina Talsma (Ontario, Canada) had a career-high 15 kills in the match against Emporia State.

The Cougars will travel to Wheeling, W.V., this weekend as they face Mercyhurst on Friday (9/10) night at 5. On Saturday (9/11), SIUE plays Ferris State at 9 a.m., followed by Findlay at 2.

Comeback Kids Pick Up Two Wins

Even though the men's soccer Cougars fell behind 1-0 in each of its first two games of the season, SIUE's men's soccer coach Ed Huneke was happy the way his team battled back and were able to pick up a pair of 2-1 victories.

"An interesting nature is developing with this team-the ability to come from behind," said Huneke. "It is a dangerous way to live, but it is nice knowing you have that capability."

Freshman forward Adam Lanter (Edwardsville) came off the bench and was huge for SIUE all weekend. He netted goals in both games, including the game-winner on Friday (8/27) as the Cougars defeated Columbia 2-1. "For him to come up with two goals in the first two games is especially gratifying for him and our team," Huneke said.

Along with Lanter's solid play, the Cougars received some heroics from junior forward Pete Cacciatore (St. Louis), whose first goal of the season in double-overtime propelled the Cougars to a 2-1 win over Christian Brothers College on Sunday night (8/29). "Pete had a great weekend," said Huneke. "He is so dangerous with his speed."

Junior forward Tim Collico (St. Louis) scored the Cougars' other goal in the Columbia game. Like Collico, sophomore forward John Matthews (Edwardsville) had a solid weekend picking up an assist in each of the contests. "He is real strong player," Huneke said. "The kind of player you want playing beside you."

Junior backer Kevin Thibodeau (St. Charles) had an assist in the game against Christian Brothers. Thibodeau's backfield teammate Mike Burgund (Bethalto) was also very impressive with his defensive skills.

The Cougars were led by their offensive play in both contests, outshooting their opponents 41-13 in the two games. "Both team's defensive structures were good," said Huneke. "It seemed like in the second half things opened up a little bit for us."

SIUE will head on the road this weekend as it travels to Kenosha, Wis., for the UW-Parkside PUMA Classic. The Cougars will battle Gannon on Saturday (9/4) at 2:30 p.m. following that up with Findlay on Sunday (9/5) at 2:30 p.m.

Women's Soccer Looks To Rebound

After a tough loss to No. 11-ranked Minnesota State-Mankato, the SIUE women's soccer team may not have started the season the way it had hoped, but it will look to rebound with two games this weekend.

The Cougars fell to the Mavericks 3-1 on Friday night (8/27) at Ralph Korte Stadium. SIUE's lone goal came from junior midfielder Lindsay Kampwerth (Highland) as she netted her first of the year at the 71:54 mark of the contest. Junior forward Sarah Landt (Carbondale) added the assist on the goal.

Even though Minnesota State-Mankato outscored SIUE, the Cougars were only outshot 13-12 in the game. Senior goalkeeper Jessica Brown (St. Louis) had six saves in the contest, dropping her to 0-1 for the year. Senior forward Ann Crawford (St. Louis) recorded four shots, and senior backer Angela Light (St. Louis) added three for the Cougars.

The Cougars travel to Indianapolis on Friday (9/3) to play West Virginia Wesleyan at 5 p.m. before coming home to face Grand Valley State on Sunday (9/5) at 2:30 p.m.

Volleyball Starts Season Strong In Florida

SIUE's volleyball team returned from the West Florida Comfort Inn-vitational with a 3-1 record.

Coach Todd Gober said he was pleased with the way his team performed at the tournament. "We came away with some confidence," said Gober. "I am happy with the record and very happy with the win over West Florida.

Two juniors stepped up in a big way for the Cougars in the win over West Florida. Outside hitter Kindra Westendorf (Effingham) had a career-best 23 kills while libero and defensive specialist Allison Buss (Towanda) picked up 27 digs in the match. Westendorf finished the contest with a hitting percentage of .500.

"Kindra was our go to hitter in our front row," Gober said. "She forced a lot of double blocks, and she was the person the other teams focused on."

Another junior, setter Krystal Majernik (Normal), was voted to the Comfort Inn-vitational All-Tournament Team. Majernik average 10.85 assists per game in during the four-match tournament. She totaled 141 assists for the tournament.

The Cougars started off the season with a three-game win over Adelphi (NY) on Friday (8/27) morning. SIUE followed that with another 3-0 win over Gulf South Conference opponent Montevallo.

SIUE's toughest match of the tournament came on Saturday (8/28) morning as the Cougars faced 13th-ranked Central Missouri State. The Cougars jumped on the Jennies winning the first game 30-20. SIUE lost the second game 30-20, and then lost in a heart breaking 30-27 third game before CMSU ended the match with a 30-15 loss.

"Central Missouri served very tough against us, especially in the second game," Gober said. "Sometimes we would have a let down in the second game after a strong first one."

The Cougars finished out the tournament with a three-game win over West Florida on Saturday (8/28) afternoon. Middle hitter Heather Bonde (Millstadt) had a great tournament with 45 kills and 15 services aces during the four games. "If we serve tough it just makes our game that much better," Gober said.. "In all the games we served very tough and executed our game plan."

Junior outside hitter Shannon Winkeler (Bartelso) played well in her first few games as a Cougar. Winkeler averaged 3.15 digs and 2.77 kills per game for the tournament. "I am encouraged on how our team played as a whole," Gober said. "We have a few areas we need to focus on this week before we head to the Missouri Western Tournament."

SIUE faces University of Illinois-Springfield on Tuesday (8/31) night at the Vadalabene Center at 7 for their home opener. Then the Cougars will battle Northwest Missouri at 2 p.m. and Emporia State at 8 p.m. Friday (9/3) at the Missouri Western Tournament. On Saturday (9/4), the Cougars take on Missouri Western at Noon and Pittsburg State at 2 p.m.

Women's Tennis Ready To Start Season

SIUE's women tennis coach Bill Logan looks for this season to be another strong one for the Cougars. The team will try to rebound from a fifth-place finish in the Great Lakes Valley Conference. "We have been working hard, and I pleased so far," Logan said.

Entering the season, SIUE will look to senior Chrissy Yingst (Belleville) to be its top player. "Chrissy was 13 -6 at No. 2 last season," Logan said. "She is the new No. 1 on our team."

Stepping up to take over the No. 2 spot for the Cougars will be junior Gina Wohltman (Effingham), who was 15-5 last season. Junior Allison Coats (Belleville) finished last season at 10-5 and will be the Cougars No. 3 at singles. Junior Lisa Warner (Arlington Hts.) will play No. 4 singles after a 12-4 mark last season. Junior Celia Montes (Chicago) will start at number five singles and freshman Katherine Ferry (Springfield) will be in the No. 6 spot.

The Cougars begin their season Tuesday (8/31) traveling to Quincy to take on the Hawks at 3 p.m. "I am hoping they all take advantage for first match," Logan said. "It will be a good match in which to start the conference season."

Women's Golf To Defend GLVC Title

SIUE women's golf coach Larry Bennett will add some young faces to a team that will try and defend its Great Lakes Valley Conference Championship from a year ago.

Bennett added four new golfers to the program in the off-season, and he looks for those four freshmen to make contributions for the start. "The new girls are seasoned golfers and they were tournament tested in high school," Bennett said.

Returning for the Cougars is 2003 GLVC Freshman of the Year Kallie Harrison (Decatur), who will start off in the No. 1 spot for SIUE. Junior Brittany Hood (Coulterville) is the oldest person on the team, and she will begin the year at No. 2. "She is a competitor," Bennett said. "She has the most experience."

SIUE will look to four freshmen to fill the rest of the lineup, including two Wisconsin natives. Jessie Tiffe (Brookfield, Wis.) was voted the best player in the greater Milwaukee area and played on the Wisconsin State Championship team. Rachel Roberg (Rice Lake, Wis.) was No. 1 on her high school team and finished in the top 20 in the state of Wisconsin.

Two Illinois natives round out the freshmen on the team, Natalie Conway (McLeansboro) was the Tri-state Player of the Year in Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, and Northwest Kentucky. Kelly Morris (Normal) was a standout in high school, playing in several state tournaments. "Her short game is good," said Bennett. "We are going to be able to count on her."

Bennett looks for his team to compete for another GLVC title, but he knows the team has to practice on a key area. "One thing that needs the most work is the short game, and we all need to work on that."

The Cougars will open the season on Sept. 6-7 at the Grand Valley State Laker Fall Classic. SIUE will return home for the Cougar Classic at Fox Creek Golf Course on Sept. 12-13.

McAllister Gives Cross Country A Fresh Start

New SIUE cross country coach Ellen McAllister looks to give new life to the program after the departure of Darryl Frerker.

On the men's side McAllister has only two seniors Ryan Boyll (Normal), who finished 12th in the Great Lakes Valley Conference last season and Jonathan Sadowski (Springfield).

Juniors will look to make contributions, including Brian Taghon (East Moline), who finished fourth in the GLVC a season ago, Trae Cotner (Springfield), Justin Crain (McLeansboro), and Josh Helton (Robinson) will also make contributions.

Sophomores Joshua Bozue (Fairborne, Ohio) and Cody Ellermeyer (DuQuoin), and freshmen Erik Steffens (Moline), Brian Getz (East Moline), and Bart Smith (Benton) will all add to a team that will have plenty of depth.

On the women's side, seniors Mary Witte (Normal), who finished sixth in GLVC, looks to lead the team, and Lee Ann Lomax (Georgetown) will all be the team's strengths. Juniors Amanda White (Normal) and Heather Zipparro (Mount Prospect), and sophomores Natalie Aschim (Rockford), Betsy Hall (Charleston), and Priscilla Rahn (East Alton) add experience to a solid Cougar team.

Newcomers Kelly Flounders (Homer Glen), Julie Minton (Centralia), and Rebecca Peach (East Alton) will build on an already strong club. SIUE's cross country team will start its season Sept. 4 with the Cougar/Bearcat Classic on the SIUE Cross Country Course.

Men's Soccer Enjoys 'Home Cooking'

SIUE men's soccer opens its season with two non-conference home contests this weekend at Ralph Korte Stadium.

After 16-4-1 mark during the 2003 season, soccer coach Ed Huneke enjoys opening the season at home. "I like the way the schedule turned out," said Huneke. "These two first teams are not regional opponents, and it's an opportunity to experiment some things without negative ramifications."

The Cougars' first opponent is Columbia College on Friday (8/27) at 7 p.m. "Columbia is one of the top NAIA schools in the region that returns three All-Americans," said Huneke. "They will be a very formidable task."

SIUE's toughest test of the two games may be Christian Brothers on Sunday (8/28) at 6 p.m. The Buccaneers finished last season with an 8-9 record, and the Cougars have had trouble with the Buccaneers in the past with a 1-4-1all-time record. "We haven't beaten them in sometime," said Huneke. "They always give us a real battle."

This will be the first time since 2001 that SIUE will open up the season at home, In that year, the Cougars finished as a national semifinalist. The Cougars return five starters from last season's team, including Victor Pacheco (San Luis, Brazil), Brian Higgins (St. Louis), Pete Cacciatore (St. Louis), John Matthews (Edwardsville), and Mike Burgund (Bethalto).

SIUE Women's Soccer Looks For Solid Start

Getting off to a good start and playing solidly on both sides of the ball is the hope for SIUE women's soccer coach Lynda Bowers as the Cougars open their season at home Friday afternoon (8/27) against Minnesota State-Mankato.

SIUE will do battle with the Mavericks at 4 p.m. in Ralph Korte Stadium. The Cougars will look to improve upon a 10-7 record from last season. Minnesota State enters the contest after a 14-5-2 mark a year ago.

Bowers believes that teams want to come and play SIUE. "Most people don't mind traveling here because it is such a treat to play on our field," said Bowers.

After the game against the Mavericks, SIUE will have a week off before their next game. "It is going to be nice just focusing on one game," said Bowers. "Let game one kind of sink in before we head on to game No. 2."

Sophomore mid-fielder Christine Armstrong (St. Peters, Mo.), who netted nine goals to lead the team as a freshman, will look to get the Cougars going offensively this season. Senior forward Ann Crawford (St. Louis) had six goals last season and looks to add some punch to the Cougar offense.

On defense SIUE will be led by a sophomore duo of Kayla Fromme (New Berlin) and Padra Bencini (Carbondale). Senior Jessica Brown (St. Louis) will be the force for SIUE in net as she looks to be the starting goalkeeper.

Cougar Volleyball: Florida Bound

When SIUE volleyball coach Todd Gober looked at the schedule for the 2004 season, he knew that the first road trip could be a trip to paradise in a couple of ways.

First and foremost the Volleyball Cougars could get a great start to the season, and secondly how could you beat a trip to the Sunshine State.

The Cougars open the season at the Comfort Inn-vitational Tournament in Pensacola, Fla. SIUE will face some stiff competition with Adelphi at 8:30 a.m. Friday (8/27) and Montevallo at 2 p.m. that same day. "With the first two games, it is nice to try and ease into a tougher schedule," said Gober.

Day two of the tournament will be a little more difficult for the Cougars as they face 13th-ranked Central Missouri State. SIUE will battle the Jennies, who finished last year with a 26-11 record, at 8:30 a.m. Saturday (8/28). The Cougars' last match of the tournament will be against the host team West Florida at 2 p.m. that day.

"West Florida won 24 matches last season and finished in the national polls," said Gober. "I am hoping that by the time we get to Central Missouri (State) and West Florida we are more comfortable."

Gober will have a strong team that he takes to Florida including junior setter Krystal Majernik (Normal) looking to build on a first team All-Great Lakes Valley Conference and second-team Daktronics All-Great Lakes Region selections from a last year.

In the front row, SIUE's powerful trio of junior Kindra Westendorf (Effingham), junior Heather Bonde (Millstadt), and Shannon Winkeler (Germantown), an All-American transfer from John Logan College, will provide a solid front.

Junior defensive specialist Allison Buss (Towanda) was fourth in the GLVC in digs per game last year. Buss will look to have more of a role at libero during the 2004 season.

DeClue Named Athletic's Academic Advisor

Jacqueline DeClue, of Dupo, has been named the new academic advisor and compliance coordinator for SIUE Intercollegiate Athletics, replacing Martie Staser who left to pursue a position as a swimming coach at the University of Rochester.

The academic advisor is responsible for the advisement, registration, and progress of all "non-declared" or "intent to- declare" student-athletes and some academic support services for the Intercollegiate Athletics program.

Advisors insure compliance with NCAA conference and university regulations. As the person in charge of SIUE's implementation of the Life Skills Progam, DeClue also will work closely with SIUE's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Since 2000, DeClue has been an academic advisor in the SIUE Office of Academic Counseling and Advising. This past year, she also had been a coordinator and instructor to develop the Academic Choices and Transitions program for students on academic probation.

DeClue previously has worked as an academic advisor at Purdue and as a summer orientation academic advisor at Ball State.

A member of the National Academic Advising Association, DeClue received her bachelor's from SIUE in Liberal Studies in 1997. In 1999, she earned a master's in Student Personnel Administration at Ball State.

SIUE Women's Soccer Pushes Forward

With a clear balance of youth and experience, SIUE women's soccer Coach Lynda Bowers enters the 2004 season with some solid expectations.

After finishing 10-7 last season in Bowers' first year as head coach, the Cougars only have had to make a handful of moves to shore up the offense and defense. With seven starters returning, it's all about from where the team's leadership will come. "We're hoping the chemistry is still there," said Bowers.

Ann Crawford (St. Louis), a senior, returns at forward as a hard worker up front. "I expect her to be one of our strongest scorers," said Bowers.

Kristine Armstrong (St. Peters, Mo.) worked her way into the lineup late last season and became the team's leading scorer by season's end with nine goals and two assists. She made just six starts in her freshman season and figures to increase her role this season.

Katie Yearian (Waterloo) joins the front line for SIUE. In spite of her size at 5-foot-3-inches, Yearian figures to hold an important role as the team's fastest player. "Her quickness is going to surprise some people," Bowers said.

For a change of pace, Bowers also can call on junior forward Liz Fleer (Washington, Mo.). "When we need a change of pace, she'll work hard for us," said Bowers.

SIUE's strength may lie in its midfield with a number of experienced players. Jackie Thomann (St. Louis) and Christen Carducci (Powell, Ohio) join Crawford and back Angela Light (St. Louis) as the team's captains.

Thomann is one of the team's best ball handlers. Carducci was a NCAA qualifier for the Cougars during the outdoor track and field season. Bowers holds a number of other options at midfield.

Kelly Dill (Florissant, Mo.) enters her junior season as one of the most improved from last season. Bowers said her fitness and skill level have markedly improved. "She'll be fighting for a starting position," said Bowers.

Juniors Allison Sweet (Springfield) and Sarah Landt (Carbondale) also look to become bigger scoring threats this season. Christina Stremlau (St. Louis) and Nikki Grashoff (O'Fallon, Mo.) return for their sophomore seasons. In the backfield, Light provides a strong presence with the capability of turning set plays into scoring plays. Light has 11 goals and seven assists heading into her final season.

The Cougars also will look to sophomore Kayla Fromme (New Berlin) as its top defender. As the team's co-Most Valuable Player last season, Bowers said most every opponent had something good to say about Fromme last season. Padra Bencini (Carbondale), who started all 17 games last season, proved to a ball winner as a freshman defender.

Lindsay Kampwerth (Highland) enters SIUE as a junior transfer from MacMurray College. Bowers said she sees Kampwerth as a potential starter.

Bowers also has Beth Horan (St. Louis), Whitney Hanson (St. Charles, Mo.) and freshman Sara Stroud (Collinsville). Bowers sees a great deal of potential in all three yet the trio will need some playing time to gain some much-needed experience.

The Cougars boast two goalkeepers on the roster with senior Jessica Brown (St. Louis) and freshman Kim Roady (Granite City). "Being a senior is going to inspire Jessica, but Kim is going to push her for a starting role," said Bowers.

SIUE opens up the regular season Aug. 27 at home against Minnesota State-Mankato. Game time is 4 p.m.

Worries Turn Into Strengths For SIUE Men's Soccer

After losing three All-Americans and five returning starters from last season's 16-4-1 team, some may think that SIUE soccer coach Ed Huneke would be worried heading into the 2004 season.

By looking at this years' roster, the Cougar coach has nothing to fret about returning 10 letter winners while reloading with fresh faces for a run at the Great Lakes Valley Conference title. "We have a standard to keep and maybe even exceed," said Huneke.

Returning starters for the Cougars include sophomore midfielder Victor Pacheco (Sao Luis, Brazil), third in the GLVC in points and fifth in goals, and team captain and junior midfielder Brian Higgins (St. Louis). "He is doing a very good job leading the players on and off the field," said Huneke. "We believe a lot in leadership leading towards a team's success."

Along with having a strong middle, the Cougars will get solid play from junior forward Pete Cacciatore (St. Louis), second team All-GLVC last year with five goals a year ago, sophomore forward John Matthews (Edwardsville), who played in all 21 games last season, and junior Matthew Siegel (Maryville). "You have to play at both ends of the field, and I think we will be very good in both directions," Huneke said.

Other key returnees at the backer position are senior Mike Burgund (Bethalto), junior John Lamping (Barnhart, Mo.), and senior Dan Mosier (Scottsdale, Ariz.), who will add depth to the SIUE defense. Those three were apart of a Cougar team that ranked in the top 10 defensively of NCAA Division II last year.

While Huneke does have a core of returning players, he enters the season with 10 newcomers to the program and that includes four transfers from NCAA Division I forward Mike Banner (Upper Marlboro, Md.) from Georgetown, Midfielder Mike Zaegel (St. Louis) from Michigan State, forward Tim Collico (St. Louis) from Missouri-Kansas City, and midfielder Kevin Thibodeau (St. Charles, Mo.) from DePaul. "He seems to generate a lot of respect on the field," said Huneke of Thibodeau.

"Some of our players that we are projecting to be impact players are new to the system," Huneke said. "The sooner we get them comfortable the better we will be."

SIUE did get several transfers, but the bulk of the newcomers are freshmen. Included in the freshmen are the Cougars goalkeepers, after the departure of first team All-GLVC goalkeeper Bret Richardson. Greg Crook (Columbia), Nicholas Frasca (St. Charles, Mo.), and Pat Kelly (Florissant, Mo.) look to take over in net for SIUE. "We don't feel like we are going to jeopardize our needs there because of their age," Huneke said.

Three new forwards will look to make an impact as freshmen for the Cougars. Ross Beveridge (Dunfermline, Scotland), and Adam Lanter (Edwardsville), all add to SIUE's fire power up front. Freshman Eddie Davis (Waterloo) will add to depth at the midfielder spot. "If you get big contributions from underclassmen then that makes things even better for the future," said Huneke.

SIUE recently received nine first-place votes for the No. 1 spot in the 2004 Great Lakes Valley Conference men's soccer preseason coaches poll. "It's a respected position to be in," Huneke said. "It means that teams in the conference and region will be gunning for you."

The Cougars will open up the season Aug. 27 as Columbia visits Ralph Korte Stadium for the start of the 2004 campaign.

NKU Grabs Top Spot In GLVC Women's Soccer Pre-Season Coaches Poll

Northern Kentucky University received nine first-place votes and 90 points to claim the No. 1 spot in the 2004 Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) women's soccer preseason coaches poll.

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside followed in second place with one first-place vote and 81 points.

The Norse ended the 2003 season with a 17-3-4 overall record and a 9-0-1 conference record to earn first place among GLVC teams. The team advanced to the NCAA Division II quarterfinals before ending the season with a 1-0 loss to the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

2003 GLVC "Co-Coach of the Year" Bob Sheehan welcomes back seven starters this season, including 2003 first team All-GLVC and All-Region performers Robyn Withers (Cincinnati, OH/Seton) and Katie Hanck (Fairfield, OH). 2003 GLVC "Freshman of the Year" Amy Law (Cincinnati, OH/Glen Este) also returns for her sophomore season.

Conference play begins on Sept. 17 and culminates with the GLVC tournament hosted by the No. 1 seed at the conclusion of regular season play. This year's conference tournament will feature a new six- team format with semifinal and final games being played Nov. 5 and 7.

2004 GLVC Women's Soccer Preseason Poll - Team Ranking (total points)
* Results based on votes from 10 of 11 institutions

Northern Kentucky (90)
Wisconsin-Parkside (81)
Missouri-St. Louis (68)
Indianapolis (67)
SIU Edwardsville (55)
Saint Joseph's (50)
Quincy (48)
Southern Indiana (32)
Bellarmine (31)
Lewis (18)
Kentucky Wesleyan (10)

For more information about the GLVC and each conference member, please visit

Cougar Volleyball Eyes Breakthrough Season

After three straight 20-win seasons, SIUE volleyball coach Todd Gober looks to continue that string to a fourth year and a possible bid to the NCAA tournament.

Gober has a record of 67-30 in his first three seasons at the helm of the Cougars, and he expects this year's team to be just as competitive as last year's 25-7 squad. "We have several young ladies returning who saw considerable playing time last season," said Gober.

The team returns nine players, including six juniors and three sophomores, but no seniors. "We have been looking forward to this point since we brought this group together," he said. "We have a lot of leaders."

Returning are juniors Heather Bonde (Millstadt), who finished sixth in the Great Lakes Valley Conference last season in hitting percentage, and Kindra Westendorf (Effingham), second on the squad with 308 kills. "Other teams are going to recognize their talent." Gober said.

Junior setter Krystal Majernik (Normal), a first team All-GLVC selection and a second team All-Region pick, led the GLVC with 12.41 assists per game. "She has All-American potential, while leading the team to big wins," Gober said.

Another junior, Allison Buss (Towanda), is returning as an outside hitter and a defensive specialist. She led SIUE with 415 digs a season ago. Sophomore Beth DeGreeff (St. Louis, Mo.), and Buss will spend time as the team's libero this season.

The middle of the floor looks to be a key point of emphasis as Tina Talsma (Ontario, Canada), was third on the team with 90 blocks, and Jamie Jones (Flanagan) "will add depth in the middle," Gober said.

Junior Melissa Spann (Bethalto) and sophomore Tricia Happe (St. Louis) shore up the opposite hitter spot. "Right side is going to be a very competitive position on our team," Gober said. "We have several people going after one spot."

Newcomers include junior college transfers Jenny Heimann (Germantown) and Shannon Winkeler, (Bartelso). Both were All-Americans at John A. Logan College, and incoming freshman Sadie Zurliene (Aviston) and Tina Helphery (Port St. Lucie, Fla.) will add to a strong nucleus.

SIUE will put all the key parts together for a run at the GLVC Championship opening their season on Aug. 27 at the Comfort Inn-vitational Tournament in Pensacola, Fla.

McAllister Named SIUE Head Cross Country Coach; Astrauskas, Beyers To Head Track & Field Teams

The distance runners on the cross country and track and field teams at SIUE will have a new leader.

Eileen McAllister, a former NCAA Division III All-American at Washington University in St. Louis, has been tapped to become the head men's and women's cross country coach and the assistant men's and women's track and field coach at SIUE.

She replaces Darryl Frerker, who stepped down to coach at Collinsville High School.

Cougar Intercollegiate Athletics Director Brad Hewitt also announced that current track and field assistant coaches Ben Beyers and David Astrauskas would have greater roles in the development of the track and field program. Beyers will be the women's track and field head coach and the men's assistant coach. Astrauskas will be the men's track and field head coach and the women's assistant coach.

Hewitt said McAllister should be a great addition to the coaching staff that last season had an All-American in women's cross country, an All-American in men's track and field, and four All-Americans in women's track and field along with three of four Great Lakes Valley Conference titles in the men's and women's indoor and outdoor championships.

"I'm very excited about her enthusiasm for the program," Hewitt said.

McAllister earned a bachelor's in Psychology at Washington University and is completing a master's in Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami. She has served as an assistant cross country and track and field coach at Miami since 2002. She also has coaching experience at Washington University from 2000 to 2001 and at Block Yeshiva High School in 2002.

Beyers and Astrauskas are beginning their third season at SIUE.

Beyers was a multiple Big 10 Champion and an NCAA Division I All-American at the University of Illinois. Astrauskas earned All-Conference honors several times in multiple throwing events at Eastern Illinois University.

The 2004 cross country season gets under way on Sat., Sept. 4, when the Cougars play host to the Cougar/Bearcat Challenge on SIUE's cross country course. SIUE also is the host institution for the 2004 NCAA Division II Men's and Women's Great Lakes Regional Championships on Saturday, Nov. 6.

Northern Kentucky Picked To Lead GLVC Volleyball

Led by first team All-American and 2003 Great Lakes Valley Conference Player of the Year Kristin Koralewski, Northern Kentucky University was selected as the preseason favorite of GLVC volleyball for the 2004 season.

Northern Kentucky received five of 10 first-place votes. SIUE, led by 2003 second team All-Region setter Krystal Majernik, was picked first on four ballots. Defending GLVC champion University of Indianapolis, powered by senior outside hitter Shaun McAllister, was picked first on one ballot. One GLVC coach abstained from voting in the preseason poll.

University of Southern Indiana, which has been to the GLVC Tournament championship match in each of the last four seasons, was picked to finish fourth. Lewis University and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside were picked to tie for fifth place.

The conference features six new coaches among the 11 schools. Joining the GLVC this season are Dan Palmer at Bellarmine University, Melissa Hay at Kentucky Wesleyan College, Josh Lauer at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Keith Rubio at Quincy University, Linda Deno at Saint Joseph's College, and Molly Alvey at Southern Indiana

The top six teams during the regular season will advance to the GLVC Tournament on Nov. 11-13 at the site of the No. 1 seed.

The NCAA also has expanded the field for the NCAA Tournament. The field will consist of 64 teams nationwide, including eight from the Great Lakes region. The GLVC is one of three conferences in the Great Lakes region.

SIUE Men's, Women's Soccer Team Open Exhibition Season

With practice just hours old, the SIUE soccer teams are preparing for their first home games of the 2004 season.

The SIUE women, under second-year coach Lynda Bowers, face Truman State in an exhibition game at 3 p.m. Saturday (8/14) at Korte Stadium.

The SIUE men play its annual exhibition matchup against the SIUE alumni team at 7 p.m. Saturday, also at Korte.

During halftime of the men's game, SIUE coach Ed Huneke will announce the name of the player who will be honored as the Jack Blake Award winner for 2004. The Blake Award is given to an individual who displays outstanding soccer play, leadership, a positive spirit of university and community involvement, and who is a person dedicated to high fitness and intensity with a 2.5 grade point average or above.

Both the SIUE men's and women's soccer teams start the regular season Aug. 27th at Korte Stadium. The SIUE women face Minnesota State-Mankato at 4 p.m., and the SIUE men meet Columbia at 7 p.m.

SIUE Men's Basketball To Face Illinois, Indiana, Western Illinois

The 2004-2005 SIUE men's basketball schedule has a few more turns in the road than normal.

As a result of a change in rules for NCAA Division I schools, those institutions will be playing NCAA Division II schools during the exhibition season. SIUE is no exception with the University of Illinois in Champaign on Friday, Nov. 5; Western Illinois University in Macomb on Wed., Nov. 10; and Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., on Friday, Nov. 12.

SIUE Coach Marty Simmons also is taking his basketball Cougars to Hawaii for games against Dominican College and Washburn University in December. That doesn't even account for the full Great Lakes Valley Conference schedule.

"It's going to be a tough schedule," admitted Simmons. "The exhibition games are just a great experience for us. We're going to be playing the top teams in the country. I think we'll learn a lot from it."

Simmons said he will be going to Hawaii for the third time in his basketball career. "The experience of going somewhere like that is going to be unique," said Simmons.

SIUE has 15 homes games on the schedule beginning with Lincoln Christian at the Vadalabene Center on Monday, Nov. 15. The Cougars open the GLVC season at home on Friday, Nov. 26, at home against Lewis University.

Simmons also is making his third trip to Murray State for a regular season NCAA Division I game set for Saturday, Nov. 20.

Cougar Volleyball Garners National Recognition

SIUE volleyball is listed among the nation's best. The Cougars received 10 votes on two or more ballots but did not make the top 25 in the preseason CSTV/AVCA NCAA Division II Coaches Top 25 Poll.

Coach Todd Gober and his volleyball Cougars will open the 2004 season Friday (8/27) at the Comfort Inn-vitational in Pensacola, Fla., facing four teams, including preseason 13th-ranked Central Missouri State.

SIUE's home opener is a 7 p.m. matchup against Illinois Springfield on Aug. 31 at the Vadalabene Center.

Concordia-St. Paul is listed as the preseason favorite after collecting nine first-place votes. Seven different schools had first-place votes among the poll's 35 voters. The next poll will be released Sept. 7.

SIUE Men's Basketball Adds To Coaching Staff

Mark Allaria, who has served the past two seasons as the graduate assistant coach for SIUE men's basketball, has been named a full-time assistant coach under head coach Marty Simmons.

The Cougars also announced the appointment of Marcus Belcher as the team's graduate assistant coach for the 2004-2005 season.

Allaria, an Edwardsville native, played collegiate basketball at the University of Evansville, where Simmons served as an assistant coach. He played 58 games for the Aces. His 150 assists during the 2001-2002 season were the eighth most in Evansville single-season history.

A member of the 2001-2002 Missouri Valley Conference first team Scholar-Athlete team, Allaria averaged 3.3 points and 2.9 rebounds per game. He played a team-high 103 minutes in the 2000 San Juan Shootout.

He previously played two seasons at John A. Logan College, averaging 10 points and six assists per game. At Edwardsville High School, Allaria set school records for single-season and career assists while helping the Tigers to a 26-2 record his senior season.

Belcher joins the Cougar coaching staff after a successful playing career at SIU Carbondale. He helped the Salukis to the Missouri Valley Conference Championship and NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearance in the 2001-2002 season.

He was named most improved during the 2000-2001 season and the team captain a season later.

Belcher earned a bachelor's degree in marketing from SIUC in 2002.

Eller Named SIUE Women's Basketball Graduate Assistant

Kristi Eller, a former women's basketball player at SIUE, has been named the graduate assistant coach for SIUE's women's basketball program.

Eller was a member of the 1998-1999 team which advanced to the NCAA Tournament. In her two years at SIUE, Eller played in a total of 52 games and was one of the team's top three-point shooters.

Eller transferred from SIUE to Washington University in St. Louis before the 2000 season. At Washington, she helped the Bears to an NCAA-III National Championship and earned an All-American nomination.

She returns to SIUE from Clayton (Mo.) High School, where she coached girl's basketball. Her Clayton junior varsity team has amassed a 35-11 record under her tutelage.

Eller has also coached two AAU teams and has served as an assistant in various summer camps.

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