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How Do I Add Money to a Cougar Card?

Cougar Cards are used with printers and photocopiers throughout campus. (A coin/cash-operated printer is available on the first floor of the Library; all photocopiers will accept change.) Students can add money to or check the account balance of their Cougar Cards online by following the instructions below. Deposits to Cougar Cards can also be made at the Service Center.

Printing is $0.10 per page for black and white and $0.50 per page for color prints.

Step One

Go to my.siue.edu and login.
[IMAGE: CC_01]

Step Two

Under " MyLinks" click on the myCougar Card icon.
[IMAGE: CC_02]

Step Three

Click Add Cougar Bucks.
[IMAGE: CC_03]

Step Four

Login again.
[IMAGE: CC_04]

Step Five

Select Make Payment.
[IMAGE: CC_05]

Step Six

Select Adding Money to Cougar Bucks.
[IMAGE: CC_06] 

Step Seven

Type in dollar amount and click Add to Basket.

[IMAGE: CC_07]

Additional Assistance

Problems with Cougar Cards should be reported to the Service Center in Rendleman Hall (Room 1309).

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