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Finance Board | Ryan Rosiak, Chair


The Finance Board makes recommendations to the Student Senate regarding the allocation of funds to support annual allocations for student organizations, student travel, and student programming. The board shall exercise fiscal responsibility in establishing recommendations and will work with all organizations in developing a sound approach to program budgeting.


Justin Bailey, Matthew Connell, Jonah Gaffner, Senator Gilmore, Nick Glandon, Kyle Martin, Aleah Millbur, Austin Randolph, Chris Rhoads, Senator Vaughn, Jacquelyn Punches, and Dillon Santoni


Registered student organizations are eligible to apply for programming funds, travel funds, and allocation funds.

Application forms and the Funding Manual may be downloaded here.


Please contact Chair Ryan Rosiak at rrosiak@siue.edu or at (618) 650-3464.

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