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Student Government
SIUE Student Government

Committees and Boards

Finance Board
The Finance Board makes recommendations to the Student Senate regarding allocation of funds to support student organizations, student travel, and student programming. The board shall exercise fiscal responsibility in establishing recommendations and will work with all organizations in developing a sound approach to program budgeting.

Financial Officer: Luke Jansen

Information for Organizations: Registered student organizations are eligible to apply for programming funds, travel funds, and allocation funds. Application forms and the Funding Manual may be downloaded here.

Contact: Please email Financial Officer Luke Jansen ( call (618) 650‑3464.

External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs Committee shall be responsible for all activities outside of Student Government, including lobbying efforts and community involvement.

External Affairs Officer: Jonathan Colyer


  • Assist with voter registration and early voting
  • Conduct a Lobby Day
  • Enhance the SIUE Student Discount Program
  • Host a gubernatorial forum
  • Host a shadow day with area high schools
  • Launch the ONE Campaign’s Campus Challenge including sexual health awareness, clothing drive, etc.
  • Participate in IBHE-SAC and represent SIUE students
  • Participate in the development of the Illinois Student Association

Contact: Please email External Affairs Officer Jonathan Colyer ( or call (618) 650‑3464.

Student Organization Advisory Board
The SOAB shall be responsible for overseeing and making recommendations for space distribution, as well as approving or revoking any student organization’s constitution. The board will also make recommendations on the status of student organizations and review the criteria for an organization’s recognition, which includes reviewing and recommending revisions to the Student Organization Handbook.

Organization Relations Officer: Kalie Eads-Penn


  • Develop database of organization’s community outreach programs
  • Increase campus life membership recruitment
  • Launch the Student Organization Council

Contact: Please email Organization Relations Officer Kalie Eads-Penn ( or call (618) 650‑3464

Marketing & Communications Committee

Marketing and Communications Officer: Kevin Buensuceso

Contact: Please email Marketing & Communications Officer Kevin Buesuceso( or call (618) 650-3464

Fee Review Commission (convened as needed)
The Fee Review Commission shall be responsible for reviewing and researching all student fee changes in accordance with the fee review process. The commission will propose recommendations in fees to the Senate for approval.

Election Commission
The Election Commission oversees the Student Government elections.

Election Comissioner: Paige Cooper

Contact: Please email Election Comissioner ( or call call (618) 650-3464

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