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Kimmel Student Involvement Center
Kimmel Student Involvement Center
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Carol K. Kimmel
September 22, 1917 - September 11, 2008

A Commitment to Leadership and Service


Carol Kimmel dedicated her life to the cause of education and was an ardent supporter of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Additionally, she was committed to many other community and charitable organizations serving on boards at the local, regional and national levels.

National Service

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

- President (1975-1977)
- First Vice President (1973-1975)
- Member, National Executive Committee (1971-1973)
- Member, National Board of Managers, Coordinator of Legislative Activity (1971-1973) and as President of the Illinois PTA
- Chairman, special committees on administrative continuity, legislative program, and long range programming
- Committee member, special committee on the budget, and joint committee of the National PTA and the National Council of Juvenile Court Judges
- Represented the National PTA in meetings of the Big Six (AASA, CCSO, NASBE, NEA, NSBA, PTA)
- Toured overseas dependent schools in Germany and Italy (1972, 1973, 1975)
- Chairman, National Chairman's Conference (1970-1971)
- Member, Commission on Membership, Organization Extension and Program Services (Commission as Membership and Organizational Services ) (1970-1971)
- Chairman, Committee on Founder's Day (1968-1971)
- Member, National Task Force on Responsible Decisions about Alcohol
- Honorary National Life Member

March of Dimes

- Member, National Board of Directors (1979-1990)

State Service

Illinois Parent Teacher Association

- President (1966-1968)
- First Vice President
- Vice President, Department of Home Services
- Legislation Chairman
- Illinois Representative, National Committee for Support of the Public School (1967-1969)
- Illinois Delegate, White House Conference on Education (1956)
- Honorary Life Member

Southern Illinois University

- Member, Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees (1977-1989)
- Vice Chairman (1989)
- Chair, Academic Matters Committee (1984-1989)
- Chair, Architecture and Design Committee (1980-1984)
- Board Secretary (1979-1989)
- Member, Executive Committee (1978-1989)
- SIUE Representative to the Illinois Board of Higher Education

Illinois Board of Higher Education

- Member, Task Force to Study Governance of State Universities
- Member, Task Force to Study Teacher Education
- Member, Illinois Committees A and P of Master Plan for Higher Education, Phases I and II

State Education

Co-Chairman, Committee on Administrative Structure of the Illinois Task Force on Education (1965)

Founding Organizer and Charter Member, Illinois Citizens' Education Council (1957)
- Chairman (1967)

Member, Illinois Commission on the Status of Women (1967-1969)

Member, Illinois School Problems Commission (1967-1973)
- Secretary

Member, Illinois Advisory Committee on the Right to Read

Member, Illinois Advisory Committee on Education for the Gifted (1972)

Member, Committee to write guidelines for legislation providing special education for children not served by regular classrooms

Delegate, Illinois Governor's Conference on Vocational Education (1969)

Member, Ad Hoc Committee to Study Office of Cook County, Illinois Superintendent of Schools

Member, Finance Advisory Committee to the National Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations (1972-1973)

Member, Illinios Steering Committee for the White House Conference on Children and Youth (1970)

Chairman, Illinois Ad Hoc Committee on Education (1970)

Member, Illinois School Problems Commission (1967)

Member, Western Illinois Advisory Committee on Education (1973-1975)

Western Illinois University
- Member, President's Advisory Committee (1960-1970)

Local Service

Rock Island, Illinois School District

- Local PTA unit president (1956)
- Member, Audubon Elementary PTA, Washington Junior High PTA, and Rock Island Senior High PTA

Rock Island, Illinois Board of Education

- Board President (1970-1971)
- Member (1962-1971)

Chairman, Rock Island Chamber of Commerce School Relations Committee

Consultant, Rock Island, Illinois Model Cities Program

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