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Kimmel Student Involvement Center
Kimmel Student Involvement Center
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Welcome to the wonderful world of student organization advising! You have made a very important commitment to the development and growth of our student organizations - and the Kimmel Leadership Center appreciates you. Whether you are continuing in this role or just beginning, you are providing a valuable service to the organization and you will make a significant difference for the students. By agreeing to serve as adviser, you have demonstrated a commitment toward the total development of students and I appreciate your willingness to accept this role.

It is an honor to be selected by the students as an Adviser; it indicates the students' respect and trust for you. This position can be tremendously rewarding for both you and the organization. An effective Adviser is a crucial link in an organization's success. Advisers act as role models to students and provide a vital link between students and the faculty and staff. Advisers provide continuity and a voice of experience to the organization. As an Adviser, you serve as an integral part of the student experience and have the opportunity to impact the growth of students in many ways. The position also provides an opportunity to offer advice, be in contact with students outside of the normal working environment, and to be involved in campus life. A strong Adviser can make a difference in the life of a student. This position can be challenging and fun; however, with the position also come several responsibilities. This web page is designed to provide you with a starting point so refer to it often on your journey through the world of student organization advising!

Currently SIUE has more than 200 Officially Recognized Student Organizations.

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