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Personal Web Space Tutorial

Every student, faculty member, and staff member on campus has their own personal web space. If you are interested in creating a personal web site using the space given to you by SIUE, please go through the following tutorial and contact the campus web administrator at if you should have any questions.

Your personal web space is located at

For example, if your e-id is jdoe your site would be located at

To create a web page an excellent program to use is SeaMonkey. You can find a SeaMonkey tutorial here:

The first page you want to show up when people visit your site will always be named index.html. If you create any directories, the first page in that directory will also need to be named index.html. This way the web server knows what to look for. Your page could have another extension besides .html, but for this tutorial we will stick with that.

Once you have your index page ready to go, it's time to put it up on the web server and check it out. You will need to use an FTP program, such as WS-FTP for Windows, Cyberduck for Mac, or FileZilla for any platform, to put your page on the server.

WS-FTP can be downloaded for free here:

Cyberduck can be downloaded for free here:

FileZilla can be downloaded for free here:

After connecting via FTP... 

  • Make sure you put all of your site files in the 'html' directory of the server.
  • Make sure your home page is called 'index.html' and is not buried inside a needs to be immediately inside the 'html' folder on the server.
  • Make sure your file structure and heirarchy are the same on the server as they are on your computer.  
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