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ALWAYS USE 'Paste as Plain Text' button within the WYSIWYG editor.
Failure to use the 'Paste as Plain Text' option could result in file errors and the inability to edit your document in the future.

How do I add a flash movie to my site?

Add Flash Instructions

How do I insert an email link?

- Highlight the text that you want to make a link.
- Click on the 'Insert/edit link' button.
-Select the 'External' radio button.
- In the 'Link' field, type:
(in place of, use the email you want to link to)

How do I add multiple email addresses to the mailto: link?

Click the 'Insert/edit link' button, select the External radio button and in the Link field you can add multiple email addresses by adding a comma between the email addresses in the mailto: script. It should look something like this:,,

How do I wrap text around my images?

- Right click on your image within the WYSIWYG editor, then click the 'Insert/edit image' button. (We also recommend giving all images that bleed to the edge of the image area a one pixel border)
-Click on the Advanced tab.
-Choose an option from the 'Alignment' drop down menu (left, right middle, top, bottom, etc). Any text below the image will be brought up and wrapped around the image.
- If you want a gap between the text and image, you can place the image inside of a small (one row, one column) table that is narrower than the image. Set the table padding to '15' or whatever you like. Set the table border to '0'. Then set the table alignment to 'Left'.
Be careful if you have numerous images on a page that are all aligned. They may start to wrap around each other, which you probably don't want.

What browsers can I use with Cascade?

-All current browsers are compatible.

Do you need more folders?

- If you need to add subdirectories within your site, contact us.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

- Contact Us

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