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You can use discussion forums so your visitors can participate in threaded discussions.

There are two kinds of forums for your site. Embeddable forums and Externally linked forums.

Embeddable forums are placed (or embedded), directly into your Cascade page and the forum will appear on your site. This gives the illusion of a seamless integration between site and forum.

Externally linked forums are forums you create that you link to and are not embedded in your site.

NOTE: It is important to tell your visitors not to use their e-id username and password when registering!!

Embeddable Forums

After creating your forum from the options below, copy the generated code into the 'HTML Source editor' view of your Cascade editor to place the discussion forum on your page.

    Free version places a limit of 200 responses per thread and a number of the viewable threads. Users can login using a number of social networking logins they may already have set up.
    Also available is a pay version which removes all restrictions.
  • Nabble
    No post limits. User required to register before posting.

External Forums

After creating an external forum, all you have to do is create a link from your Cascade page to the externally created forum.

  • Google Groups
    A Google account is required to create forum(groups) and post messages.
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