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Cascade - New Features and Improvements

User Interface Improvements

  • Login screen
    login screen
  • Folder tree larger control icons
    • Allows for easier expanding/collapsing of folders

    folder tree

Updated HTML Source Editor

  • HTML Source Editor includes:
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Code folding
    • Line numbers

    html editor

File Upload Improvements

  • File chooser moved to more convenient and logical location 
  • New drag and drop feature allows user to drag file directly from desktop
  • System Name field is automatically updated to match name of the selected file
  • Progress bar shows current upload status

    file upload screen


  • View all assets that refer to that asset
    • Page: View all pages and blocks that refer to that page
    • File (image, pdf, etc.): View all pages and blocks that refer to that file
  • Publish all (or selected) relationships that refer to that asset


Customizable Dashboard 

  • Move/remove widgets to fit own needs


Saved User History

  • Folder tree will open where user left off
  • History Menu and Quick Links Menu will be populated with most recently used assets

Smart Version Comments

  • Automatically summarizes changes made when a draft is saved

    smart version comments

Improved Mobile Experience

  • Optimized login screen, responsive dashboard, fixed 800px width, editing improvements
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